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Good evening. This is London….Shortly before 6.00 pm Greenwich Mean Time…  Blawg Review #160 was published on Ruthie’s Law. They stepped up to the plate… they ate a square meal…. spliced the mainbrace, stood before the mast and then wrote Blawg Review 160. They fired cannon… they did not flinch…. they did their duty. One cannot ask for more.

The Nelson touch, once again, has been applied…. Blawg Review #160

As Admiral Lord Nelson said: There is no way of dealing with the Frenchman but to knock him down – to be civil to them is to be laughed at. Why they are enemies!”

… and, pleased with that aphorism… he went on to make another… “Desperate affairs require desperate measures.”

Gordon Brown, Prime Minister (unelected) of The (currently) United Kingdom, was almost certainly thinking of these words of Nelson when he began to realise that apart from a few cabinet ministers and junior backbenchers on the make – most people in Britain think that Brown has not got the Nelson touch when it comes to being a prime minister… (Some Sun Readers believe he may, in fact, be a crap prime minister)

Down at The Bollo, where I have been drinking camomile tea over the last few hours, they are beginning to revolt…. and there is talk of storming the barricades. More Danny La Rue… however, than Danny La Rouge….

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Chacun à son goût
I was fascinated by the latest twist in the tale of Max Mosley’s hobby of dressing up in a “German WWII style uniform”, shouting orders in German and then English with a bizarre german accent, and thrashing young women / being thrashed by young women with a cane. The News of The World a few weeks back, you may recall, splashed the story of Max Mosley’s hobby across the front pages. (NOTW page)

While I am not bothered what Max Mosley, or indeed anyone else, gets up to in their private lives (subject to the usual caveats about consent etc etc) and I have absolutely no interest in whether Mosley continues to be involved in the most over hyped and over-rated sport in the world – Formula 1 – my attention was caught by a report in The Sunday Times under the headline…. “MI5 linked to Max Mosley sex scandal”

It transpires that “an MI5 officer has been forced to resign after admitting that his wife was a prostitute who took part in a notorious “Nazi-style orgy” with Max Mosley, the Formula One racing chief.”

I quote from The Sunday Times report:

“In an extraordinary turn of events yesterday, MI5 was forced to deny through Whitehall channels that the orgy had been a “sting” that it had set up to discredit Mosley. “Any suggestion that the service was involved in setting up Mosley is total nonsense,” a senior Whitehall official said. The official did disclose, however, that one of MI5’s officers had left the agency after his wife’s involvement as a call girl in the orgy became known. “I cannot talk about individual cases, but we do expect high standards of behaviour from all staff at all times, both professionally and privately,” the official said.”

Well… there we are… a wonderfully British story. I like to imagine, as I sit here writing, a conversation between the MI5 officer and his wife:

MI5 officer: What are your plans for today? I can’t tell you my plans, of course.

Wife: Don’t know, darling. I had a call from ‘X’ about half an hour ago. Some guy, public school type, wants to be thrashed within an inch of his life …. I’ll probably do that. Apparently I’ve got to shout at him with a german accent… it’s like something out of ‘Allo ‘Allo! Do you have any grey and white striped pyjamas? Do we still have any of those bamboo garden canes you bought from B&Q for your roses last summer?

M15 officer: “Oh Right… well enjoy. Just don’t tell anyone, if you have to ‘interrogate’ him, how you know how to do it….. I’ll see you later when I get back from where I am going to… Bye.”


Talking of dressing up… this was the week when Lord Phillips had his debut as a model for the new judicial robes. I covered it earlier in the week. I also defended the possibly indefensible, by writing about retired judge Gerald Butler QC’s brutal attack on Cherie Blair qua Cherie Booth QC when he stated, in the very best tradition of Kenny Everett’s ‘Angry of Mayfair” character, that “It is altogether disgraceful but nothing less than I would expect from her. I would have thought there is no chance of her becoming a senior judge.” This comment came in the wake of the publication of Cherie Blair’s memoirs which Gerald Butler QC may or may not have read in full. The Evening Standard report did not make this entirely clear.

Anyway… whatever you feel about this story – you may enjoy having a go at the caption competition with the very real possibility of winning a prize. (Scroll down to the foot of the story)

I am grateful to John Bolch of Family Lore for alerting me to the decision of the Court of Appeal in the “Man boobs are not private parts’ case. Worth a read – in fact, a ‘landmark’ decision; a must read in the development of the English common law.

I do not have ‘man boobs’ – nor do I plan to acquire them. My body is a temple – honed by espressos, vino rosso and excellent tobacco products – defying medical science and the dictats of the truly fearsome health sector politician Dawn Primarolo MP – who has even managed to get coverage in the Observer today to tell us that we should not be drinking more than two glasses of wine a day. Does she really want a lot of incredibly healthy 90 + year olds running around to the post office (if we have any left) to collect their pensions? I think she would be better off spending her time talking to her government colleagues who run the Pensions side of The Treasury.


Coming up this week – Of great importance to UK Blawgers is the news that Ruthie of Ruthie’s Law is hosting Blawg Review – out tomorrow Monday 19th May. Blawg review is always worth reading – but, it has to be said, it is usually fairly US Centric which is fair enough since the weekly carnival of the law bloggers was invented there. A number of UK blawgers have hosted Blawg review. Ruthie picks up the torch of legal freedom on the morrow

And… if you wish to read about the latest social atrocities being committed by West London Man – you may do so by scrolling down (Audio versions with realistic sound effects) or by clicking here.

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