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I had a “why is it necessary to live another 20 odd years” moment this evening – rain, petrol prices out of control, a government in melt down, the prospect of a Tory government in two years time…. Chiswick High Street crammed with people pushing prams – and one man carrying his child in some absurd harness on his front.

Nihilism has advantages… or does it… who cares?

Listen to Charon dark…after dark…. the podcast

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27th May: Daily news podcast and news

I have put up a fairly extensive update (including blogs as at 27th May) on Insitelaw newswire. The daily podcast is also up.

From this week I am increasing the editorial on Insitelaw and will be producing more by way of articles.

Still keen for bloggers and others, if they have the time or inclination, to particpate in the Insitelaw discussion board. You may register from the Discussion Board page.

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