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Forget about world class dancing dogs, child prodigy singers and dancers. Literature may have Eyeless in Gaza, the film world Sleepless in Seattle – but our nation, our capital city,  has Legless in London.

Today the drinking on tubes ban comes into force. The television news programmes are full of stories about the party on the London Underground last night (Started well but ended badly according to police sources) and binge drinking teenagers.

The Times reports today that Police are to be given new powers to punish teenage gangs who disturb the public by rowdy binge drinking in parks and on street corners. Jacqui Smith, the home secretary, will tomorrow announce a criminal offence aimed at youths persistently caught in possession of alcohol in public places.

The Home Secretary has come to the view that it is time that those who brought these binge drinkers into the world should take responsibility for their behaviour. The Times reports: “There will be a greater use of parenting orders, under which parents have to attend formal classes in how to look after their children.

“Parents must play their role, too. I want to see a greater use of parenting orders and antisocial behaviour contracts [Asbos] when young people are caught persistently drinking in public,” said Smith.”

Apart from the difficulty of defining ‘persistently’ – nothing like a bit of badly thought out legislation to give our boys in blue a challenge – passing new laws may make for good headlines but is unlikely to solve the problem.

As I do not have any children to join the 22% of 11-15 year olds who have developed a taste for getting pissed in parks, I do not have to worry about being given an ASBO because my child has run amok after sinking too many shots. Nor do I have to worry about a teenage daughter organising a party on Facebook and having my villa in Spain trashed. Come to that I don’t have to worry about school fees, their acne, whether they are going to get into a good school, stay there when they get a place, or get into the final of a television talent competition.

God… and to think that friends of mine have asked if I feel that I have missed out by not having children. I just hope that this generation of teenage and young binge drinkers is sober enough to go out to work to earn money to pay taxes – so the government can pay pensions to retired binge drinkers when they start hanging around getting pissed in parks or holiday resorts in their old age.

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I appear to be on Twitter now…

I appear to have joined twitter:


The only difficulty, as I have not worked out how to find anyone I know who is also twittering, is that I don’t think I am going to have a great deal of interest in writing messages and then reading them myself. I shall work out – in time – how to follow other Twitters.

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