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George is at work in The City. Caroline has taken the children to a private nursery for the morning and has parked her 4X4 in a quiet road in West London. She has to talk to a friend and former colleague at the weekly magazine she used to write for.

Ring…. ring… ring ring….

Receptionist: Sisyphus…. Good morning….

Caroline: Good morning… I’d like to speak to Roderick Davidson… please.

Receptionist: Putting you through.

Roderick Davidson: Rod Davidson…

Caroline: Rod… it’s Caroline.

Roderick Davidson: Caz… Hi…. good to hear from you… long time no speak… how are you? How is the King of the Jungle?

Caroline: How long have you got?…. George is fine…. enjoying his life and…

Roderick Davidson: Missing us?

Caroline: Yes… in a word… I need to work… I need to write again. Any openings?… freelance spots?

Roderick Davidson: Of course… freelance is not a problem… but do you want to come back full-time?

Caroline: Can’t do full-time… but I’d like to do 1500 words a week … blog format… anonymous for the moment… I want to go back to what I used to write about…

Roderick Davidson laughed: Pick your name… you know the rates….

Caroline paused for a moment, smiled and said: Persephone… that’s the name I would like for my piece….

Roderick Davidson: Caz… a subtle mixture of marriage, power and, of course…. Peresephone had no security or stable position… so perfect imagery for freelance work…. Charon will, I am sure, keep you supplied… but does this mean you are looking for an Adonis?

Caroline: Rod… I’ll write… and… who knows… I may find it interesting to take my four months with Adonis. Time for lunch?

Roderick Davidson: Definitely time for lunch… Friday?… It’s a pity that we can’t go to Granita in Islington…where it all began….. how about that place in Soho we used to lunch at?

Caroline: Friday is tomorrow, Rod….

Roderick Davidson: Indeed it is…. tomorrow?

Caroline: I’ll see you at 1.00…. The Union in Greek Street.


The audio version may or may not follow – but won’t tonight.


Editorial Note: Persephone did not mess about…. When Hades pursued a nymph named Minthe, Persephone turned her into a mint plant.

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5th June: Daily podcast and news….

Daily news podcast and news now up on Insitelaw Newswire

Well… there I was, as usual on a weekday morning, up at 4.00 am – and I read about  the astonishing story about the ‘Man with the Sword’.

Who is he?  What has he done to merit getting his pic in The Times?

I can tell you on my more serious outlet for information….  but I’ll give you a hint:  The Times reports that The Conservative MEP charged by David Cameron with ensuring the probity of expenses claims admitted last night to breaking the rules by channelling thousands of pounds of allowances into a family company. Giles Chichester paid more than £400,000 for office services to a company of which he was a director.

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