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Having just done a podcast with LawMinx (infra and right), I was going to go and watch Ray Mears tell me how to survive in the outback of Australia on BBC. Having footled about in my youth making fire with stone age tools for real, collecting water in plastic bags from tree leaves and having shot small mammals to live – I decided that I would be better employed opening a bottle of Rioja and blogging.

Also – next door, my Brazilian neighbours are having a party and they have live music. They are singing (drunkenly) along to “Twist and Shout” – so unless I turn my television up to levels where my neighbours on the other side think I am about to get Alzheimer because I have gone deaf as a precursor – no television for me tonight.

So… what a week we have just had!

The government won the vote, lost the argument on 42 days and David Davis decided to risk all by resigning as Home Secretary – prompting WebCameron to replace him immediately with Dominic Grieve who then promptly re-iterated everything that Davis was saying – or it may have been Tory Central Office.

The neighbours are now singing “Happy Birthday” – and this has reminded me that today is the anniversary of Magna Carta Libertatum. My blog piece on this and David Davis’ brave stance may be read here if you don’t have the energy or inclination to scroll down.

Oh… and if you are worrying why I appear to have an X-ray image of a naked woman on my blog – in a departure from the norm – it is a picture from a new airport security scanner. They are coming to an airport near you soon – and may well be deployed elsewhere. That should keep the operators busy. Thankfully I have nothing to hide. The news covered this story earlier in the week.

And then we had 42 days and the Irish kicking the EU Lisbon Treaty into touch. Fortunately, I was able to draw on the greater expertise of Carl Gardner, author of the Head of Legal blog, to bring light. I did two podcasts with him: 42 Days | Irish vote “NO” to Lisbon Treaty. The Irish have been very busy with their spanners and putting them into not just Europe – but the DUP, described as ‘undertakers to government’ by Shirley Williams on Question Time the other night – assisted Labour with the shameful 42 day detention without charge extension.

So disconsolate was I after the 42 day detention vote – I had to do a special episode of Charon After Dark. For this – I reported from a helicopter over West London and sang a version of The Teddy Bear’s picnic. I’m afraid you will have to listen to the podcast if you wish to hear me sing – it is not pretty.

And… to cap it all – this would just have to be the week when Friday 13th fell last Friday. This inspired me to do West London Man (13): Friday 13th – and a podcast with some rather good and apprpriate music.

well.. there we are. I’m sorry it is a bit of a review of the world from my rather bizarre perspective – but…. I may just have time to catch up and find out how to survive in London on locusts, frogs, nettle soup and other delicacies – if I watch the last 15 minutes of Ray Mears goes Walkabout!

Normal service will be resumed…. possibly…. but I am looking forward to Kelvin “Freddie Starr ate my Hamster” Mackenzie, former editor of The Sun, standing against david Davis in the forthcoming by-election. Should be fascinating.

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Tonight, as Brazilian live music plays in the next door garden, I did a podcast with LawMinx. LawMinx has finished the BVC, continues to work on her Ph.D research and is about to embark on the post OLPAS round of pupillage interviews. We do, actually, manage to talk about the BVC and pupillage…. but then we started talking about Twitter…. my monkey / gorilla, Tempranillo, who handles my Twitter posts for me, and talk about life generally. We interrupt each other from time to time – but that is the nature of podcast interviews done over the net telephone – and I enjoyed it. I did my best to get the conversation back to the BVC.

Listen to: Podcast 58: The BVC, pupillage interviews and life… with LawMinx.


We also talk about blogging and the upcoming UK Blawgers conference at a pub in London in August. I assured LawMinx that Geeklawyer, who is organising this seminal event again this year (we are grateful),  has been doing detailed and penetrating research – and performing selfless acts of devotion on our behalf in the name of blawging freedom.

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Today I am talking with Carl Gardner, author of The Head of Legal blog, about the impact the Irish “NO” vote will have on the EU Lisbon Treaty.  Carl, who is expert in this field talks about the options.  I enjoy doing all my podcasts – but this was was most enjoyable to do.  I stress – I have the easy bit – asking the questions!

Listen to Podcast 57: The Irish Referendum and The EU Lisbon Treaty

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