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Mea culpa… no blogging today…

Apologies…. haven’t had time to blog today.

Got up, read the news for Insitelaw etc etc, and then found myself on a bus heading towards Windsor. Got on the wrong bus… clearly …. as I had intended to go to Hammersmith. Quite an enjoyable day out, as it happens. Met a few people – got to dress up.

Met a most amusing man who asked me if I’d mind putting on some robes and stand in for him. Happy to help, as always. Told me a few off-colour jokes and then legged it.

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Daily news podcast and news on Insitelaw newswire

QED Law has a new blog prepared by Norman Baird. The first post is an exhaustive review of degree inflation covering all the major UK universities. It is a fascinating piece of research – well worth a read.

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