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Today I am talking to Carl Gardner, author of the Head of Legal blog, barrister, former government lawyer and commentator on Human Rights Law, about the case of Hirst v United Kingdom No (2) heard at the ECHR in 2005.

Yesterday, I did a podcast with John Hirst, author of the Jailhouse Lawyer blog about his experience of prison life and during that conversation we talked about John’s case against the British government about the right of prisoners to vote – which he won.

Carl Gardner analyses the Hirst case and we talk about the practical implications of the judgment.  We also talk about Lord Phillip’s attitude to Sharia Law and his support for Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Listen to Podcast 65: The right of prisoners to vote with Carl Gardner


John Hirst has posted on his Jailhouse Lawyer’s blog: “The Government’s proposed options for changing the law in relation to prisoner voting rights”.


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