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Today I am talking to Dan Hull, US Attorney, founder of Hull McGuire PC and the What About Clients? blog.

We talk about the meaning of client service – the difference in attitude between Babyboomers and Generation X / Geneneration Y to law – Legalese or “Lawyer-speak” – review Geeklawyer’s Blawg Review 166 – and if Dan is coming to UK LawBlog 2008 in September 2008.

Listen to Podcast 66: Dan Hull, US attorney, author of WAC? on client service and other matters.


What About Clients? blog


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Had a quick chat with LawMinx – she has been away and returned to find a few tech problems with her blog.  All is well – pleasingly.

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Ostentatious smoking…

Carl Gardner alerted me to this comment on his blog…. I’m afraid I am far too much of a libertine to resist….



I have never heard such ostentatious smoking on a podcast before. It was Charon rather than you I think. Overall effect, presumably as intended, was kind of louche and libertarian.

10:17 PM, July 07, 2008
Head of Legal said…
You’re right, Nicholas, it certainly was Charon. I’m far, far too now to smoke, but that chap… he’s a shocker. And you have him BANG to rights as louche and libertarian. Louche and libertine, is my suspicion.

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