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I had a quick look through my email inbox about half an hour ago to discover that i had been selected at random to win a competition – a free T-shirt with my picture on it.  Of course, the hope is that I’ll order substantial numbers of these glorified vests.  I have sent off my design and hope, soon, to be the proud possessor of a vest with my picture on it.  I was going to add the text “Are you looking at me?” below the image – but this was ‘verboten’.

Tips in restaurants
Reading my tabloid of choice over breakfast this morning I discovered that there are a number of very greedy restaurant chains who are paying waiting staff below the minimum charge and using tips to make up their wages – or worse, keeping the discretionary service charge or cash tips for themselves.  There are, to be fair, good restaurant owners who pay a decent wage and allow staff to keep tips or share in the collective tip box.

Frankly, it is a disgrace that restaurants and gastropubs rely on tips to pay staff and I do not approve at all of any restaurant or chain keeping discretionary service charge or tips for themselves.

So, armed with the knowledge provided by the tabloid I have called several restaurants up to enquire if they keep tips. It was an interesting way to spend half an hour. My enquiry was not always met with enthusiasm… it has to be said.  I am toying with the idea of doing a detailed article on this issue and, perhaps, doing some podcasts with restauranteurs who do / who don’t keep tips for themselves.  Perhaps I could take my television camera with me when I go to restaurants locally where the restaurant keeps the tips and see if the manager would like to do a Vidcast?

I feel like a mini crusade. Save me going off to the coast with my bucket and spade later in the summer. Your thoughts on this would be most welcome…


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