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Owner!…leave the tips alone…

Think Pink Floyd – Another brick in the wall etc etc. I have decided to spend a bit of time this summer, while others take their vacation  at a British seaside resort ( or, as Frankie Boyle described UK seaside resorts on Mock the Week“a holding pen for the Jeremy Kyle Show”) … following up on this business of restaurant owners keeping tips.  The Mirror (I think) is putting a campaign together… but I feel that it is quite wrong for restaurant owners to pay minimal wages and make money up through tips / service.  Pay cash if you like the service provided by your waiter/ress.  Refuse to pay discretionary service charge !

I have a feeling, however, that some restaurant owners / gastropub owners will not be that keen to take my calls.  We shall see.


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17th July: Daily news and podcast

17th July: Daily news and podcast up on Insitelaw magazine – PLUS update to all other sections, news etc.

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