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On this day… and dragons…

On this day in 1588: The Armada – an invasion fleet sent by Philip II of Spain – is sighted off the coast of Cornwall.  I know this because I have History selected on my BBC webpage.  I do not need to know this, but it distracts me in the early hours of an evening to know what happened on this day of note many years ago.  As it happens…. on this day in 1969: US astronaut Neil Armstrong becomes the first man to walk on the moon, stepping down from Apollo 11.

Well… on this day this year: The England Test Cricket team managed to play extremely badly and were slaughtered by the South Africans.  Compared to moon walking and invading countries – today this year, it seems, was rather dull…. unless you were gripped by Gordon Brown’s plans to solve the Middle East war / crisis / call it whatever you will… and the news that SAS are training Alsatian dogs to jump out of planes with them and fight the Taliban.

I have wasted yet another hour from the sands of time by watching “The Dragon’s Den”. I am not sure I like this programme, but rather as a snake watches a mongoose, I find myself compelled to watch.  But as I do not work for a Bank,  I have to get a dose of  greed, self-obsession, pompousity, self importance, smugness, venality and complete idiocy wherever I can. As you know, I do not practise law.. I merely comment, write and teach.

Tonight there were only two investments in The Den – perfectly sensible and The Dragons were rather more sophisticated in terms of their presentation of themselves than in previous series. The nutters were however out and about.  I particularly liked the guy who invented a non’slip device to put on car, train or aircraft window and allow the user to have a kip.  The Dragons called it a pillow and told him to F*** off.  He did.


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Revision Course LLB / GDL from QED Law

“This year’s summer revision course in the core law subjects – Criminal Law, Law of Contract, Law of Tort, Equity and Trusts, Land Law and EU Law – will take place on July 26th, July 27th and August 2nd at University College London.

For further information please click

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21 July: Daily news and podcast

21 July: Daily news and podcast up on Insitelaw magazine

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