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Brutalisation of the human spirit by war?
White Rabbit picks up on a story about an unarmed captive being shot by an Israeli soldier at point blank range – in the foot with a rubber bullet. Please note the comments on the blog post

The original You Tube video disappeared recently – but there is another link to the film. It is disturbing.


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Insitelaw makeover stage 1….

I have started to revise the look and content of Insitelaw. I have a section on the main homepage to feature law blogs each day – and will do so each day.  If you would like to draw my attention to any blog posts you would like featured – please email me through insitelaw.   I tend to pick most blog posts up… but it does assist if my attention is drawn to a post!

More to follow in terms of function, content and usability – including the development of various chatrooms.

Have a look? |  You may need to refresh your browser.

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22 July: Daily news and podcast

22 July:  Daily news and podcast now up on Insitelaw magazine

I’m doing a general revision of Insitelaw over the next few days – new layout, new sections and more content.  I plan to highlight legal content on law blogs on a regular basis.  If any blogger wants to draw attention to their latest posts for inclusion in the highlight section of Insitelaw – please get in touch through Insitelaw.

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