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There are men and women in Britain who, each day, go about their business unrecognised by the media and their peer group – the unsung heroes of our land. It is time, as Barack Obama would say, for us to recognise their heroism in making Britain a more interesting place to live.  I have instituted a “For Idiocy” medal and, from this day, will award the medal where I find it appropriate to do so.

At the same time I am also establishing “**** Corner”. Being inclusive and keen to foster equal opportunity interraction on this blog, I am also instituting a section of the blawg for behaviour that merits inclusion in “**** Corner”.  You, the reader, are invited (a) to provide your own four letter epithet for “**** Corner” and (b) to write in with examples of behaviour meriting inclusion in “**** Corner”.

I am awarding my first “For Idiocy” medal to Ceredigion Council for fining  a painter £30 for smoking in his own van. Decorator Gordon Williams was fined because council officials said it counted as smoking in the workplace.  Gordon Willaims was ‘dumbfounded’,  only uses the van to get to work,  and said ” It is not my place of work.  I paint and decorate houses not vans.”  Story from The Mirror


Ceredigion Council’s inclusion in “**** Corner” is also confirmed by this remarkable work going beyond the call of duty.

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25 July: Daily news and podcast

Daily news and podcast now up on Insitelaw

What bloggers are doing – updated.

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