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I hasten to add… not me. There I was, this very afternoon just before 6.00, enjoying a glass of chilled Beaujolais and enjoying an exchange of nonsense with Infobunny on Twitter – when Infobunny sent me news of a CPS lawyer who is doing part-time work as a nude model. Full Telegraph Story

Clifford Allison, 56, from the CPS Special Crime Division, has diversified –  advertising his services online.  He is up for ‘lingerie, glamour, implied nude (whatever that is), adult and topless’.  Mr Allison has been off work  and his doctor views this sideline as ‘therapeutic’ – and this may well be the case. The Telegraph reports that Mr Allison had been earning £80,000 and had been a former treasurer of the Bar Council

It has to be said that his peers at the CPS regard his new career path with astonishment and, The Telegraph reports:  “A CPS spokesman said: “CPS employees must seek written permission before seeking secondary employment. We will be contacting him to seek some clarification around this issue.”

I fear, that while I am open to offers for voice overs (disaster movies horror movies, news reading, weather reporting and cricket corresponding – as well as adverts for things people do not need) I do not feel I am quite ready, at this point, to branch out in this way.  Mr Allison is in the vanguard.  He boldly goes….. who will be next from the legal profession to follow this trail blazer ?

But… Hat Tip to Clifford Allison – seems to enjoy life.  Have a look at the website entry


UPDATE Monday 28th July – Jailhouselawyer goes for it… you will, I am sure, appreciate his sense of humour..  The pic says it all – go see.


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Audio version for those who have done enough reading – with music etc…


I am not, of course, in Suffolk – but that is not to say that I would not enjoy being so.  It has been a curious week:  First we had the Wood Report on the reform of legal education for barristers.  I enjoyed doing three podcasts on this topic – (1) Jon Mcleod on behalf of the Bar Standards Board (2) Richard de Friend for The College of Law response and (3) Stuart Sime for the Inns of Court School of Law / City Law School response.

Then on Thursday we had the judgment of Eady J to enjoy in the Max Mosley case. My podcast with Head of Legal explores the developing law of privacy and avoids the more salacious elements in the report – although, I cannot resist drawing attention to a couple of dry comments of Eady J:

At para 53…. “…The claimant, for reasons best known to himself, enjoyed having his bottom shaved – apparently for its own sake rather than because of any Nazi connotation.  He explained to me that while this service was being performed he was (no doubt unwisely) “shaking with laughter”.  I naturally could not check from the DVD, as it was not his face that was on display.”

At para 70… “It is also clear that there was nothing spoken by the Claimant on this occasion which reflected Nazi terminology or attitudes.  There is no reason to suppose that it (“We are the Aryan race – blondes”) was other than a spontaneous squeal by Woman A in medias res.”


Mosley judgment Podcast
Podcast 75:  Carl Gardner of Head of Legal blog on the Eady J Mosley judgment et al…

The in medias res bit prompted prolific housing law blogger, Nearly Legal, to remark on Twitter last night “Congrats to Justice Eady for the campest line incorporating legal latin ever.” For a sanguine view on the Mosely case and a view on Eady J’s judgment – The Barrister Bard offers it straight.

The News of The World continues with lurid coverage of the Mosley case, exhorting us all to believe that Press freedom is endangered and Carole Mallone succumbs to the British summer heat by saying (of Max Mosley’s predilection) … ” Where I come from—and I’m not just talking location here, but mindset—people who indulge in that kind of deviancy would be written off as ‘sick in the head’, depraved, morally bankrupt.”

But moving on… to the heart rending story of a woman betrayed…. Carol Vorderman’s resignation from Countdown. Countdown, a television programme loved by millions of coffin dodgers, idle students and the work shy, has has been running, as far as I can see, since the Middle Ages – but not for very much longer. Des O’Connor, a spritely 72 year old,  has had enough and follows Des Lynam into standing down as host.  Carol Vorderman has also resigned – although she says that she would do Countdown for free (Excellent bit of spin) she is, curiously for an expert mathematician, not prepared to do it for a 90% cut in her (reputed) £900,000 salary – which is, of course, more than ‘nothing / free’.  All good things have to come to an end.  Perhaps the Secretary of State for Pensions is behind this ? – get rid of Countdown, get the pensioners to exercise more so they can keep warm instead of worrying about their gas bills and get the work shy off their backsides.  Who knows?

With six podcasts done last week, I began to worry that this blawg was in danger of having far too much law on it. I am, therefore, writing from my roof terrace in West London, after a rather good lunch of smoked mackerel, king prawns and salad, washed down with chilled Beaujolais ( a non binge drinking 12.5% Vol), to say that I shall write no more, this day, of law…

I am thinking of moving to Brighton… the sea air, different bars… and I shall be able to keep an eye on the French.  Thirty years in London is quite enough…. and, after all, there is no need for me to be in London.  It is not as if I am going to be helping Mayor Boris out, I don’t ever get invited to pop into the Palace and I can read the news each morning and blog just as easily in Brighton as I can from West London…. with the added advantage that I shall not ( I hope) have to endure the spectacle of men carrying their baby in a sling attached to their chests and couples being outraged when they can’t find a parking space for their shiny 4 x 4s.  I shall investigate the possibilities. I need to see the sea again…. and be by the side of the sea.  My body is a temple… I am sure that I shall find it more satisfying to smoke in Brighton where the air has more ozone. I am also told that there are some very amusing people to be found in Brighton.  Further, I would be able to indulge my nautical side.  I have the perfect outfit.  Yes… it could be most enjoyable… and… a plentiful supply of fish.  I am very keen on Omega 3 at the moment.

So what are they up to?

Regular readers, who have a taste for a bit of law, will know that my alter ego has a more sensible online magazine and, therein, profiles law based posts from UK and other bloggers. Here, on ‘Postcard’, I note the comings and goings of UK and other bloggers who share my taste for non-law posts.  I am pleased, therefore, to be able to report that Geeklawyer has climbed Mount Fuji in Japan.  He has some excellent photographs, including one of himself standing on top of Mount Fuji holding what appears to be a World War II version of the japanese flag.  He is wearing a balaclava to protect his identity.  Rather implausibly, there is also a rear view of Geeklawyer praying at a shrine. To my jaded eye it looks as if he is helping himself to the Sake left as an offering to the gods.  I could, of course, be wrong. I rely, however, on the developing law of privacy (and exceptions thereto) to intrude and investigate on grounds of responsible journalism and the public interest.   The Geeklawyer harem are much in evidence on the comments section.  There is talk of moobs, buttocks and going into saunas.   But.. hey… that will not surprise regular readers of Geeklawyer’s blog.

White Rabbit is off for a few days but he is musing about Talula does the hula from Hawaii and wanders if we are being invaded by stealh by the Agentines given the number of blokes wandering around in Agentinian rugby shirts.

John Bolch, of Family Lore, deftly weaves a bit of law into a post about a man with a chain saw: “With this chainsaw, I thee divorce”.

And with that… I put my pen down for this week.  There is a chilled bottle of Beaujolais, half full, in the fridge.  It is time for a glass.  It is the heat.  The rains will come soon to purge our land of depravity and corruption of the soul.

Until next weekend

Have a good one

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