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I am risen… on the third day….

Ten thousand saw I at a glance, Tossing their heads in sprightly dance

Dongled up and I am able to return to blogging, collecting emails, doing the magazine, podcasting and hunting for information and news online.  I am impressed with these dongles – fairly fast, seem to work well and the added advantage of being usable wherever I happen to be with the laptop.

Delighted to receive John Bolch’s Family Lore ‘Best post of the Month Award’ – for the nonsense I write about West London Man – who will be returning to a PC screen near you very shortly.

Although not one usually for awards – I do get pleasure from receiving a fellow blogger’s award  – particularly for posts not involving any law. So… as they say, John…. much obliged.  The virtual rioja was excellent.

Normal service is being resumed.

With the move out of West London, the bank holiday, the Russian threats to blackmail Europe with oil and gas and being net less for three days – quite apart from the lack of legal news – I have nt had much time to keep Insitelaw fully up to date.  From tomorrow morning normal daily service shall be resumed – and, hopefully, the dongle will cope with the uploading of the daily news podcast as well.

They say that storms are on the way. I may have to batten down the hatches on the boat and spend the day drinking naval rum.  If this does happen, be sure, I shall do my bit and even if I have to lash myself to my chair, I shall be posting. A view from the boats – taken on an old mobile camera as my decent camera is in store until I decide where I am going to settle.

A bit of legal news…..

Chickens appear to be coming home to roost. The Times reports: “The trial of a teenager accused of murdering the Liverpool schoolboy Rhys Jones could be delayed after he was left without a senior barrister because of a government limit on legal aid. The trial was due to start on October 2 but the 17-year-old defendant does not have a QC, and his solicitor and junior barrister are working without pay because of new rules restricting those who can take on legal aid cases. If a QC cannot be found, the defence could apply for the case to be stayed.”

And a quick trip to RollonFriday where their journos report “A 78 year old German woman misunderstood baggage instructions at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport and put herself on the baggage chute instead of her luggage, believing them to be the check-in instructions. Bless the old bag.”

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So here I am… sitting on a boat on The Thames…. My internet not working, no purveyor of dongles open where I could buy a dongle to connect and, even if the internet café was open, it was raining… serious rain, with lightning.

So…. What did I do?   Fortunately, I had a bottle of vino rosso to hand and the nice people at 118 118, contacted via mobile, told me that they would send me a text to let me know who won the 4th One Day International at Lords between South Africa and England.

I needed to know this – there are only so many times one can read The Observer and as all my books are in store I had, as my old man used to say, my thumb up my bum and my mind in neutral.  Quite why this was one of his favourite sayings I have no idea – but he used to say it quite frequently when he was ranting about inefficiency or uselessness on the part of those he came across.

I am pleased to be able to report that 118 118 were as good as their word.  I received this text about 128 seconds after requesting it – I know… I timed it. I had little else to do.  Text read: “England made it four wins from four in the one-day series against South Africa with a seven wicket win at Lords.  Thanks. Yor118 Team!”

Most impressed  by the “Yor” and pleased that we appear to have discovered a bit of cricket form under KP who the South Africans persist in calling a South African when it is obvious to anyone that the man is as English as a geezer in a Pearly King suit on a London double decker bus cruising the streets of Beijing.

Knowing the result of the cricket, I was able to settle back in my chair and felt inspired to pen a piece for my ‘Postcard from The Boat’  – a piece you are reading now if I have been able to get to the internet café or buy a new dongle.

Bored reading the 118118 text message endlessly, I then went out onto the deck to smoke a cigarette and watch the tide come in.  It was drizzling – but having read The Observer several times, I was able to put it to good use as a makeshift umbrella by putting it on my head like a small tent.

The view was good…. tide rising, lights smudged by rain and the low rain clouds making everything darker than normal…. very autumnal.

Charon, to use the mildly absurd third person, is now off to begin his search for his “Dongle”… well he will be after a decent breakfast at a local cafe in the morning…


My eye was caught by an advertisement on the back of The Observer Magazine or ‘colour supplement’ as we used to say when I was young.  It was an advert for BUPA.  The headline ran: “With a Bupa Premier Health Assessment you can have up to an hour to chat with a doctor.”

Well…. I am sure that some will benefit from shelling out to find how well they are (or otherwise)…. But it did strike me, in these recessionary credit-crunch times, that The Law Society is missing a trick or two…. What about “With a Law Society approved Legal Affairs Assessment you can have up to an hour to chat with a solicitor.” ?  and…., unlike BUPA who throw in the cup of tea…  “We’ll not charge more than the going rate at a City law firm for a cup of tea.”

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