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Inspired to join Twitter by Nick Holmes of Binary Law – I did and found myself conversing with a number of UK Blawgers late of an evening…. perhaps, it has to be said, not quite in the way Nick intended… nor Twitter was designed for.

It has, also, to be said that law is rarely discussed and the exchanges between a number of us are, perhaps, surreal.  This suits me fine and is most enjoyable.

I am delighted that one of the Twitterers, @Infobunny,  was able to capture ‘a part of my character’ … and the glass of rioja…. so accurately in plasticine.

“Infobunny Did it”… and I  am delighted with the result.  I am immortalised in plasticine… a ‘morph’….   Regular denizens of late night Twittering who ‘follow on Twitter’ will understand the significance of the “Did it” reference – a reference beyond me, tonight, I’m afraid, to even begin to explain.

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And the seasons change…

So… we now have our articulate, incisive, Home Secretary, having brushed up on Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, putting the knife into Cyclops with her letter informing him to expect a crimewave as our economy goes to Defcon Five.

I am, however, reassured by this from, of all places, WalesOnline.co.uk: “A LEAKED letter from the Home Secretary suggesting that the economic downturn will lead to rising crime levels is a “statement of the blindingly obvious”, a Home Office minister said yesterday. Tony McNulty said it was clear that crime “may well go up” in the UK during the country’s economic slowdown.” I couldn’t really be bothered to read the rest of it… I’m sure that it was worthy appeasing stuff.

While I understand that The Home Secretary fancies the odd kebab, and will happily trudge around the back streets of London looking for one while talking to Police about their pay –  another of New Labour’s dedicated followers of fashion was pictured wearing a stab vest in the company of some fairly burly coppers, reassuring us that all is good in the State of Denmark.  I believe it is Deputy Leader Harman QC.

Meanwhile, we are reassured that Britain will, indeed, fall into recession shortly, The Chancellor has told us that things have not been been so bad for sixty years, British holidaymakers escaping to Europe for holidays while they can are facing a £/Euro exchange of 1: 1.22 and a ‘spokesman at No 10’ tells us that the prime minister has ‘full confidence’ in Darling – and here is rather a good cartoon…. so… only a matter of time until Darling gets shuffled off?

The great Brown recovery continues with a freeze on Stamp Duty if you can find a house to buy below £175,000.  There may well be houses in remote parts of the country at this price – but in London, the South East, the Labour heartlands where votes for Labour really matter?…. possibly not.

Anyway…. Conference season is about to start.  Should be fascinating this year. And it is only the 2nd of September…..there just must be more to come.  September is one of my favourite months for politics.  US politics?… fascinating…. but…. our politics at the moment… a car crash in slow motion… now is the time for the politicos to earn their money and John Lewis list expenses….   I am going to buy some popcorn and watch with interest.


I am grateful to Simply Wandered for alerting me to ‘Wi-Ri’… downloadable rioja via rioja dongle… my problems net connection wise and rioja supply are ended.

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Insitelaw: Updating has begun…

The silly season is ending and I have started to update with links to what is happening on a range of blogs and I have updated the professional news sections.

I have plans to develop podcasts – the daily news podcast resumes tomorrow morning – and there will be new materials and sections appearing as developments done over the summer come to fruition.

I am keen to develop the reporting side on Insitelaw – always grateful to bloggers and others who wish to promote specific posts from their blogs or who would like to contribute to the content of Insitelaw in other ways.

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