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Another meme… but an interesting one.

The mysterious Editor of Blawg Review has tagged me, together with four others, to refer to five good non-law blogs and then select five law bloggers to do the same. I thought I’d keep it UK centric as other bloggers tagged by The Invisible Man – are from the USA.

Yes… I think I can do this without too much trouble, even if it does take me away from frittering my evenings away enjoyably – Twittering. As it happens, I read quite a few specialist non-law blogs – politics, cricket, ephemera… in fact, on a whole range of topics.  I prefer blogs, in some respects, to newspapers.  Blogs have an immediacy, an irreverence and, mostly, they are non-aligned.  There is no Waugh-esque proprietor a la Scoop in the shadows or languishing in a US jail.

I poured myself a generous glass of Rioja, lit a cigarette and sat back to think.  The tide is coming in and the boat rocked gently as the sun, making a rare appearance, fell in the sky over Chelsea. Who would I pick for my first non-law blog?

1. I’m interested in politics. I read Guido Fawkes – I do not agree with every post, of course, nor do I need to.  The posts are usually on the point – and the ranters, and general lunatics who make up a percentage of those who comment on his blog, are usually amusing (sometimes, unintentionally) and add colour and depth.  Yes – my first choice of a non-law blog (in choice, rather than hierarchical classification – I’m done with ‘medaling’) is Order Order by Guido Fawkes

A small, office safe, taste for readers from one of Guido’s recent posts:

So last night Guido gingerly broached the subject of going missing in Birmingham at the end of the month with Mrs Fawkes:

Mrs Fawkes Do you really need to go?
Guido Well you know, important to keep in touch with the base, gain intelligence, schmooze contacts, gossip doesn’t just write itself…
Mrs Fawkes For 4 days and nights?
Guido Well, have been invited to speak at a few events on issues that are important, seems rude not to give back something.
Mrs Fawkes Try not to get arrested this time.


2.  I’m interested in anarchy and I am a Scot – so the choice of this non-law blog was pretty easy: “Meet the bastard family – we don’t pull any punches”.  I commend to you “Never Mind The Bollix”

Office safe it is not.  Well put together it is – and… it makes me laugh – perhaps it is the raw and very blunt Scots attitude and humour that appeals – but even if you can’t imagine the Scots voice – the writing is amusing and direct – a taste: ” David Tosser Blaine. I don’t think that Tosser is his real name, more like a stage name, but somehow it suits him.I see they are running a programme on Sky about the life and challenges of this monotone tosser this evening, and it struck me that he has to be one of the most annoying wankers in the world. Why is this numpty famous? Just hearing his whiney voice try and justify the stupefying pointless shite that he does makes me want to headbutt the wall.”


3.  I’m interested in good writing with attitude – so it just has to be Ms R – A Woman of Experience.

I’ve talked many times on the phone with Ms R.  I have even done a podcast with her.  I have never met her.  Her blog is a must read if you like attitude, women’s thinking and direct.  She is an Australian.  I don’t think she plays cricket…. but she can and does write.   I’ll give you a small taste:

“Ms R’s experience of parties indicates that there are certain people and events that need to take place at any party, before it can truly be regarded as a classic.


There will be a minimum of two couples arguing which will end in tears. In one case the couple will be engaged, a union that is very fragile and based on the fact that they are the last of their circle (Home Counties from matching insignificant public schools) not to be married. He’s not that into her and she knows it but she wants a big wedding and this may be her last chance. Damn it, she deserves it. All this is about to go down the pan when the woman he’s been screwing around with at work is invited. She had an inkling of this and finds out when…”

4.  I like the word ‘eclectic’ and I enjoy this eclectic blogNourishing Obscurity.

It is written by a writer – I have not met him – who uses many different names.  When I looked today he was calling himself ‘Lord James Bigglesworth Prat-Higham’.  This treasure trove mixes politics with art, with literature, with madness – and I can smoke many cigarettes browsing.  Try it.

It is difficult to give a taste of this blog – you just have to dive in…. anywhere, really.  You will, I am certain, find something to amuse, provoke and even interest you.


And finally….  but by no means last….

5.  I like to know about things I have no direct experience of – The City…. how it works, how they think – do they think… and if they do… what do they think about.  Capitalists@Work usually has a point of view on this.  I read this blog most days – you might like to try it.

There may well be other City and financial blogs with greater following – who knows?  But I am sure this will reward a visit. US visitors, particularly, may find this blog of interest.



A rather difficult choice – but I sat back, the sun now safely doing work in another of the world, sipped my Rioja and had, as is often the case with Rioja – a Damascus moment.

I  invite the following to share their thoughts on non-law blogs.  They may well be busy – but that is life.

Carl Gardner, author of the Head of Legal blog | Geeklawyer to ensure balance and sensitivity | Dan Hull of What About Clients? / Paris? for his eclectic knowledge of a wider world | The White Rabbit – ineluctably | Simon Myerson QC, author of ‘Pupillage and how to get it.

I do hope the gentlemen selected forgive me for adding to their workloads – but…. I am on a boat, getting mildly over refreshed and well…. you just seemed to come into my mind – mea culpa.

I have not burdened John Bolch of Family Lore – “he did it” on a previous meme (and, it has to be said, on Twitter) and has been busy writing a book for lay people on how to do their own divorces – wonderful apostasy on a grand scale!  You’ll wreck the legal world, John.

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After realising that I was spending a ludicrous amount of time visiting many tens of blogs each day to update Insitelaw – I have set up a Pageflakes page just for UK (and other) Law blog feeds.

On one page – see at a glance who is writing… and what they are saying.  I have set the feed to read the three most recent posts on each blog.

The order is, to some extent, based on my visiting patterns – but I have checked all the blogs on my blogroll, included those that are active – although some active blogs do not appear to have RSS feed capability or, if they do, Pageflakes could not find it.

There are also some excellent non-law blogs at the foot of the page.

I will add to this page – please let me know if I have not included you – I will rectify asap.


Pageflakes page just for UK (and other) Law blog feeds.

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