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I write this week from the island of Corfu. I write with the reassuring news that George Osborne, despite being a member of The Bullingdon Club, despite his unfortunate embarrassment over meetings with Oleg the Oligarch, despite David Cameron allegedly saying that he had been a bit of prat…. likes rubber underwear and dog leads.  This information I came by through the News of The World at 3.30 this morning when I got up to see if the clocks had gone back.

The NOTW obligingly told us that a ‘dominatrix vice queen’ had known George for some time when he was younger and gave us a photo to show a ‘Shadow Chancellor of The Future’ (pic right) There is no suggestion that Osborne smoked the greenery covering ‘Natalie’s’ face.  Natalie told us that he was not into drugs.  The Bullingdon Club does not, in fact, approve of drugs like cannabis… largely because it interferes, apparently, with the desire of members to smash restaurants and other things up –

I felt a degree of sympathy for Osborne as NOTW related the statement from vice queen Natalie: “The others picked on him. He hadn’t gone to Eton, he wasn’t really one of them. He didn’t have blue blood, that’s why he didn’t quite fit in.They were all snobs. They called his dad a ‘curtain maker’. Because he was overweight they called him Jelly Belly and Georgie Porgy. He used to wear baggy jumpers to hide the flab”

Inevitably, Guido Fawkes carried the story and the commenters gathered in droves to comment.  Personally I could not give a damn what people get up to in their private lives provided it is consensual – and there is no suggestion that Osborne, if he does find himself Chancellor in some future government, will be wandering about in rubber underwear with a dog lead around his neck while managing the complex affairs of our sceptred isle… so good on him.  Yet another non story.  So… he had a good time when he was a student. Good. Reminds me of the bad old joke… when Jesus is talking to  people about sin and says “Those who are without sin… cast the first stone’.  There is a crash and the sound of broken glass… and Jesus says…  “Mother…. I asked you not to come to this meeting.”

The NOTW article reveals more about the mores, attitudes and values of the people Osborne hung out with then – ‘nice’ people…. clearly.

Moving on….

I’ll be back later…. possibly.  I am going to have a glass of wine with a mate… a piu tarde…

regards, as always

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