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So… Hamilton did it in the final seconds and is World Champion.  I used to enjoy Formula One, but have not really taken any interest in it for years.  Good on him. It seems that the Curse of Jonah Brown has finally been broken.

I am on Twitter but I do not use it for marketing, networking or flogging my wares – not that I actually have any wares to flog.  UK law bloggers don’t tend to use Twitter and those who do….  abuse it with some quite surreal stuff. I am delighted, however, having been involved in a lengthy Twitter debate but a week ago about STEAK PIE,  that John Bolch, author of Family Lore, in an otherwise good and perfectly sensible review of Family law in his Week in View – did manage to get a STEAK PIE onto the vidcast.  This may well have come as a bit of a surprise to family lawyers watching the vidcast for perfectly legitimate reasons of Family Law.

So… the week has gone by and the rains draw in and grey wind and rain laden skies dominate the London skyline. I see a fair bit of the London skyline from the Boat.   But here are a couple of pics showing the skyline in recent weeks from the boat – taken on a Nokia mobile at dawn the other morning towards Battersea Bridge and towards the West.


The Annual Bar Conference was held this Saturday – and appears to have generated a bit of steam.

The Times headline for Frances Gibb’s report screamed…

Law could become the preserve of privileged few once more, says Bar

Given the current financial crisis this may well be true… but, of course, as with any commodity – it is a question of price… at least in private use of law.  In terms of Criminal law and other areas of law where there is a very real need to protect those in need, with a government ever more reluctant to fund the legal system adequately, the problems are likely to become more acute.

I’m not exactly crying into my wine at the prospect of extremely wealthy lawyers from the corporate-commercial sector of legal practice undergoing a bit of very temporary inconvenience in their billings and annual income.  They are coining it in and while some firms are cutting back on the biscuits and other trappings of law firm success out of necessity, others, it would appear, are doing so out of a sense of self preserving propriety.

RollonFriday.com reports: World economy collapses – Eversheds cuts back on steamed pudding: “In a clear sign of the increasingly desperate state of the World economy, urgent consultations have been held within the Eversheds partnership on the future of their free Friday lunch. RollonFriday story….

Geeklawyer, ever on the ball when it comes to technology, has cast his last love aside for the new Googlephone.  He is reporting increased business in his sector of legal work, but I have my suspicion that he hankers after a career as a secret shopper – just for the sheer amusement of it, rather than necessity.  I quote from a section of his review: ” The Googlephone by contrast is a coked up PhD student who is looking to ball you till your c**k drops off, tell you how crap you are in bed, and then rip the intellectual heart out of your life’s ouvre; just as it was about to be published.” The review is not for the faint hearted. I understand that these Googlephones can also be used for making telephone calls – perhaps even pissed up phonecalls to national treasures to relate the evening’s amusements with their grand daughter.

Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross have got away with it – and the News of The World has revealed all about Georgina Baillie, a member of the satanic Sluts dance troupe.  It would appear that she may not be altogether unhappy with the furore in terms of exposure and earnin capacity going forward.  There have been reports about her wishing to sell her story for £50,000 – and why not? – as Barry Norman used to say.

It is, of course, unlikely that any readers of this blog will have seen the News of The World. This is why, as a public service, I read it every Sunday.  It is quite possible, also, that readers of this blog will not want to read the extremely lurid and detailed expose or view the graphic videos.  Should you wish to – and editorial policy here is chacun a son gout, libertarian and non existent – here is the link.


Well… there we are… another week has gone by. The financial climate continues to be VOLATILE…. The Bar is worried about the downturn – and so is The Law Society – and I am enjoying a glass of Fleurie this evening as a change from the wines of Northern Spain.

Mr Justice X won’t be posting tonight. He left the boat an hour ago after making various seizure orders against the few remaining bottles of Rioja in my wine rack – hence the Fleurie. Back next week… the week ahead looks good according to the crystal ball I bought from an Oxfam shop the other day.

Regards as always…

World economy collapses – Eversheds cuts back on steamed pudding

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