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“Unimaginable depravity and bollocks”….

The Editor of The Daily Mail, not a newspaper I would read, decided to defend press freedom by mounting a rather ludicrous attack on Eady J’s judgment in the Mosley case – and have a quick side swipe at Mosley as well.  I could not give a damn what people as consenting adults do in private, and I suspect most people are of that view, but I do object when an editor of a national newspaper – who should be engaging in responsible journalism (if you will forgive the legal pun here – See Eady J’s judgment) – doesn’t get it right.

I was going to dissect Mr Dacre’s speech / peroration / rant (choose to your taste) myself tonight, over a glass or four of Rioja and write about it.  Fortunately, my friend Carl Gardner of The Head of legal blog has been able to put the boot in – and he did it extremely well.  Lord Falconer also did a good job on putting matters straight by defending Mr Justice Eady’s position. Very clear and well worth a listen.

Please read Carl Gardner’s piece on this if you are interested in press freedom and a sane and clear analysis of the true position in law.  I have simply contented myself by doing a “Charon after a glass” above.  On the bright side… I am free to spend more time with my bottle of wine and write about other things.

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