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BBC2 “Barristers” Episode 2

I’m watching Barristers Episode 2 on iPlayer – simply because I don’t have a TV on the Boat at present.  There is a wonderful irony in the iPlayer listing for this programme.  “More Like This – The Real Hustle.”  Priceless!

I will review tomorrow.  So far… quite interesting but even more bizarre than I expected.

Someone at the BBC is having a laugh – and it ain’t Jonathan Ross or Russel Brand as they have been suspended / resigned (Brand)


Update:  Watched the episode. Much more interesting.  Getting into what barristers do – Much more engaging… Grand Night at Middle where the Benchers had lobster and crab soup and others had corn and potato soup notwithstanding!… but even that was fun to watch – great filming and part of our nation’s history.

Enjoyed this episode – and next week looks very promising from the trail. It can’t have been easy for the students to be under the microscope – Iqbal got his pupillage, pleasingly.

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