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It was snowing at 8.00 this morning for a few brief moments before the sleet set in and making climbing the gangway from the boats to the Embankment a fairly challenging exercise;  holding wind blown umbrella in one hand and keeping myself upright with the other hand gripping the gangway rails. One benefit – plenty of room to sit outside the cafe this morning for my espresso, a bit of breakfast and a quick run through several Sundays.

Excellent news today about 10,000 Tasers being issued to 43 UK Police forces?
The Independent.  Ironic that this story comes but six weeks after an amusing report in The Register – that ‘Trigger happy Welsh cops have been tasering sheep’. Unfortunately, most reports about the police using firearams and tasers are rather more serious: Police accused of firing taser into head of innocent man | Now Police can usee tasers against children

Ed of Blawg Review is on Twitter.

blawgreview Charlie Green says, “blogs and communities and twitter feeds et al have not rewritten the rules of relationships.” Here is the link.  There is a lovely bit of irony in the final paragraph.  It is quite possible hat I found it o after a glass or two earlier.

It is, hopefully, unlikely that any blawger will need liability insurance – but if decide to run amok one night, hit the juice and then the *Publish* button…. this ‘may’ be for you.
Saw this on Guido Fawkes blog… Drinkers Alliance?… Yes, I thought to myself… this is a plan… a good one.  If you click the link you will also find an opportunity to have your voice heard if you believe the government is going to tax responsible  middle aged binge-drinkers and bring us into line with our younger generation of binge drinkers.
On that note…. a very brief postcard.  Have to hit the futon early….

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