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Sunday night…. a great time to blog….

It has been a cold, wet and grey sky day on the boat – and, I assume, in many parts of the country.  I have read all the newspapers, considered the Jacqui Smith interview on Andrew Marr this morning – she did not seem comfortable – so…. and with no sensible work to do this evening… and  having wondered if the boat  should be swept for hidden listening devices,  I thought I would just write for a while and see if any civil servants happen to drop by with brown manilla envelopes. (Dawn on the boats the other morning – when the sun was about – towards Battersea Bridge and Central London)

There has been a bit of fun on Twitter with various US lawyers (and, I have to say that I have joined in) tweaking the tail of US lawyers who push… push… push the marketing value of blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Digg – although none, as yet, have resorted to wandering around with sandwich boards to promote their practices… unless you know differently?  I am very pleased to say that I simply blog… I don’t justify it, I don’t have to do it, no-one has to read it and I shall continue to write about whatever comes into my head – I may even shoehorn in a bit of law from time to time.  (I am, of course,  delighted that a number of people… and who knows… MI5 and GCHQ?…  like to drop by and read and comment)

Let me introduce you to two very interesting US Blogs: Simple Justice, written by Scott H Greenfield and A Public Defender written by @gideonstrumpet – to use his Twitter ID.  I enjoy reading US blogs (and I am putting together a fairly extensive Pageflakes for US blogs I read and find interesting.)  Scott has written some pretty powerful stuff about (a) lawyers and marketing and (b) about his reasons for blogging – explore at your leisure and Gideon / Public Defender has produced, through a fellow blogger, a rather good badge for bloggers who do not feel the need to use their blogs as overt marketing tools. Since there is an invitation to take the badge… I do so with pleasure and link, naturally, back to Public Defender’s post and invitation!

Geeklawyer has turned his attention away from Twitter and the business of drafting complex pleadings again to review the BBC2 programme “The Barristers”. Reviewing episode 3 … I give you one choice quote… he says (considering the role of in-house salaried CPS lawyers) ” The down side of course, on the small matter of justice, was that while the Independent Bar was, mostly, treated with respect by prosecutors, their professionalism and skills at litigation management treated as unquestionable, the lot of the CPS Prosecution Monkey is very much a less happy one.” Enjoyed the review….

The BBC reports: Leader of the Commons Harriet Harman QC MP  has said she is “very concerned” by the arrest of Conservative immigration spokesman Damian Green.

The Independent: Home Secretary Jacqui Smith today defended the right of police to arrest a Tory MP over alleged Home Office leaks – suggesting the case was more serious than reported.

An assault on all our rights

Conservative Party leader David Cameron writes for News of the World
– not many big words… but… it is NOTW.. so big headline!


If you wish to listen to Carl Gardner, Head of Legal talking with me in a podcast on The Damien Green arrest – you may do so here. (or scroll down)

If you wish to listen to Gordon Brown telling Frank Bough, some years ago, that he had leaked information from a civil servant – of great public interest – then Guido Fawkes has picked that wonderful film up… here.

Well… that probably wraps it up for this eventful weekend… back to sensible stuff on Insite Law tomorrow.  I should make it through the night… aided… by the rest of a rather absurd British Red fortified wine at 15%.


UPDATE: Sunday 30 November 21.39 hrs…

“Has a tipping point arrived for Twitter”… have a look at what a UK Blogger thinks… Neville Hobson (not a lawyer)

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Guido Fawkes has a very amusing film on his blog…. a film of Brown, when in opposition, admitting that he used leaked information from a civil servant who was concerned that the government was trying to suppress information!

It is Sunday…. film won’t take long.  Definitely worth a visit!

As one of Guido’s ravening horde of commenters (always worth a look) says… “Arrest him!”…?

Please scroll down for Podcast with Carl Gardner on Damien Green MP affair / Other coverage.

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