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For whom the CPD deadline looms… it looms for barristers…
Just a quick straw poll on the issue of the arrest of Damien Green MP. Have your say.

Over the next few days I am going to be reviewing the offerings of a number of online providers of continuing professional development. The deadline for barristers to complete their CPD is looming (31 December, I believe) and it did occur to me that barristers may find it useful to consider the online option for completing their CPD hours / points.

First up is CPD Channel: The CPD Channel provides a reasonably extensive range of courses by barristers across the range of Advocacy, Costs, IT/Commercial, Mediation, Wills and Probate, Personal Injury, Property Law, Licensing , Immigration, Human Right, Family Law, Employment, Company Law, Civil Procedure and Capital Markets.  (See course listing)

The format is easy to use – a video, text in pdf format and a short (and relatively straightforward multiple choice test).  Fees are inexpensive – 1 hour courses costing £40 and  with an annual subscription for 12+ hours costing £270 (or £22.50 a point).  Law Firm / Chambers plans are £350 Perfect for 2 to 10 users. Register as many users as required. 16 CPD points included in this price. Top up again when the 16 points have been exhausted. (£21.87 per point)”.  You may *Preview* the content of each course.  Here is the Preview for Capital Markets – a course I particularly enjoyed.

I rather liked the law firm/chambers plan because it allows a firm or set to buy a subscription and members of the firm can then use that subscription without the need to take out their own plan.  If the firm or chambers uses up the 16 points given with the plan – simply top up.  A good way to control costs.  I have looked at several of the offerings.  They are well presented, clear and to the point.  Have a look for yourself.

[Although I am pleased to have a link to the blog on their home page – I have no financial interest in CPD Channel.  I have reciprocal *Ads* with them and several other organisations for my online mag Insite Law.]


Next Review:  CPD Webinars

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Police State?… Jack doesn’t think so….

Jack Straw today denied claims that the arrest of Tory MP Damian Green and the police raid on his office in the Commons meant Britain was “a police state”. The justice secretary told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “We are not in a police state. A police state would be where ministers were directing a police operation.”

For what it is worth I do not think we are in a police state, but given the erosion of civil liberties over the past ten years, the use of counter-terrorist legislation by councils snooping on litterbugs, the use of counter-terror legislation recently against Iceland in the banking failure, the increasing use of surveillance cameras, the regular warnings to the public about ‘terror’ …. etc etc etc… one wonders, at times, where our country is heading.

Police State is too emotive a word for the present conditions but with plans for ID cards, national databases of varying types and a general feeling of ‘officious officialdom’, jobsworths dishing out fixed penalties all over the place and an erosion in respect for the law – possibly because we simply have too many of the goddam things…. gives a sense that ‘things ain’t what they used to be.. and things ain’t too good.’  Perhaps I am being paranoid and should lay off the British Red 15% fortified wine?

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Daily Legal News and podcast now up on Insite Law

Full update to all sections of the home page – news from media, blogs, Law Society, Bar Council and Legal Week.  Doing a series of short reviews on CPD shortly – for barristers who have not yet organised all their CPD.  The deadline of 31 December looms.

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