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It was only a matter of time before I decided to set “The Lawyers” movie series in the style of Australian sitcom Neighbours and Home and Away.

The Lawyers 5
In Episode 5 Charon is visited by counter-terror police to ask if he has any government files or laptops in his possession… and… on that note… I think it may be time to say goodnight.

Don’t worry… I shall take a break from this nonsense and resume normal nonsense soon…

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And the slide continues…

Snow in several parts of the country… but none on the boat, just cold and a bit of sleety rain. Having discovered another marvellous way of wasting time earlier today – apart from Twitter –  I’ve decided to amuse myself by producing a short series called “The Lawyers”.  You never know… I may have to change careers… This text to film programme provides a distraction.  Here is The Lawyers Episode 4: Charon prepares for the BBC 2 sequel to “The Barristers”.

Earlier episodes, should you be minded to watch them, are below and here

But now to more serious matters

I always enjoyed the Heineken “Refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach” adverts and, on the very rare occasions when I drink beer, Heineken is always welcome – but I could not resist this label generator I came across.  Maybe it is the cold and the sleet.  I am certainly off the Brit 15% Red cough mixture wine – but I appear to have caught myself up in an early Christmas Party of my own today.

Twitter continues to occupy the minds of UK, US and Canadian bloggers and I shall, no doubt, appear like a phantasm on Twitter latter.  Tony Benn has joined Twitter – at least, I assume it is ‘The” Tony Benn and not some sock puppet.  I wonder if he is baffled yet by the uses to which some UK blawgers put Twitter to?

Damien Green MP arrest farago…

The plot thickens.  The Evening Standard reports:

“Shadow home secretary Dominic Grieve said Cabinet Office minister Liam Byrne should answer claims that his department instigated the Met probe…. Although the row has until now focused on the Home Office, ultimate authority for leak inquiries rests with Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O’Donnell. Mr Byrne, who works directly alongside the Prime Minister in Downing Street, was a former immigration minister who was humiliated by the leaks exposed by the Tories.”

There are certain phrases like “It beggars belief” that are well used by members of the Bar.  I recall a drinks party about a year ago when I heard no less than five senior members of the Bar use this much loved phrase.  I enjoy using it myself on occasion…. it beggars belief that Jacqui Smith, who claims that she did not know in advance about the arrest of Damien Green – an assertion we must accept without reservation – would not have been consulted.  We shall see what happens.  A tawdry business.  Why not cast your vote on my simple straw poll? – if you forgive taking the Lord Chancellor’s name in vain.

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Daily News and blog coverage up on Insite Law – Podcast by 11.00.Daily Daily

I have found (Hat Tip to William Flack Blog) a marvellous way of wasting even yet more time.

Watch the film… you too can make bizarre movies… click here.


Episode 2 The Lawyers
Newsreader Jack Charon interviews Matt Muttley, managing partner of Muttley Dastardly LLP – Are we living in a police state?


Episode 3 The Lawyers
H M The Queen consults her lawyer

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