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5th December: Postcard from The Boat (1)

What an unusual week…. The BBC website told me on Wednesday afternoon that it was going to be *foggy* on Thursday.  I was looking forward to a bit of fog, as I have been enjoying the sleet, wind and cold.  I woke on Thursday morning and checked to see what the BBC was saying about *Fog*.   I like to know what to expect when I raise the blind from the portholes on the lower deck where I work. The BBC website confirmed that Thursday was, indeed, to be *foggy*.

04.32 am: I raised the blind and I could see South London on the opposite side of the bank… clear as day, except that it was still dark. It was 4.32…. still time for a front to hit another front, isobars to get tighter, and fog to roll in from the North Sea and suspend London in a good old London fog. I did think, for but a brief moment,  about phoning the BBC to see if they really thought it was going to be foggy.

As dawn broke over The Thames, bathing my office in bright sunlight, I picked up my coffee, lit a cigarette and…… hang on a minute…. *Sunny*? …. where’s the effing fog? I asked myself, a tone of indignance, irritation and ire in my voice….

It was not a great start to Thursday.

It was a week when we saw The Speaker give a very lame statement to the house, pass the buck to one of his staff and take the party line, exemplified par excellence by Gordon Brown …. “I know nothing, saw nothing…. it was him… I saw him do it.” The Damien Green MP affair continues. [Charon coverage]

I was fortunate during the week in being able to interview the Home Secretary. I’ve also found myself an internet application to waste yet more of my life… a text-to-movie application.  I shall continue to use it from time to time.

ABA Journal Top 100 Blawgs

This is mainly for US Blogs, at present, but I am delighted to say that The Times’ very own  BabyBarista is in the ABA Top 100 blogs and looking for people to nominate him.

I’m familiar with a great many of the blogs in the ABA Journal Top 100 Blawgs – and here are a few of those I read regularly – you may want to *VOTE* early and often?

Dan Hull writes What About Clients? – was a winner last year

Scott Greenfield, US Attorney, author of the Simple Justice blog about criminal defense practice in New York.  here.

Sadly Blawg Review did not make The Top 100. 21 of the 100 blogs nominated have, however, hosted Blawg Reviews. On this topic – I’m delighted to say that I am doing Blawg Review on 5th January…. Twelfth night…. The Lord of misrule?   In fact, I also did the first Blawg Review of the year last year.  The focus then was on UK Blawgs – this year I shall take the theme of misrule… it would be rude not to.

Geeklawyer and the Charon blog didn’t make it on to the ABA list. Geeklawyer isn’t taking this lying down.  The Story is covered by Holden Oliver of WhatAboutClients……

GeekLawyer seeks U.S. lawyer to craft “Limeyism” suit against ABA Journal.

I am simply going to see if I can buy an award from the ABA Journal. Failing that… I’ll knock up my own medal in Photoshop.

Dan Hull of WhatAboutClients?  was kind enough to draw everyone’s attention to our ommission – and described me as *lyrical* …. a hidden masonic message to me that I really ought not to be drinking any more of those British 15% Reds.

Tomorrow, I do a podcast with Gideonthe author of The Public Defender blog. This is part of a developing series of podcasts I want to do  to find out more about the practice of law in The United States.

Today – I had the enjoyment of talking to Scott H Greenfield, Esq – Attorney and Counsellor at Law and author of  the Simple Justice blog.  It was fun to do.  Scott is direct – well worth a listen… scroll down or click here.


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Today I am talking to US Attorney and Counsellor at Law  Scott H. Greenfield. For almost 25 years, Scott Greenfield has represented clients charged with crimes or the targets of investigations in state and federal courts across the United States.

Scott is also a prolific blogger – Simple Justice

We cover a few matters relating to practice in the States, a quick look at the recent conviction of O J Simpson and then turn to legal marketing and Twitter.

Listen to Podcast 81: With Scott Greenfield, Attorney at Law

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