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Today I am talking to Gerald Bermingham, an ex Labour MP and barrister practising at No 5 Chambers in Birmingham and London.  about the verdict in the Menezes inquest.

Gerald Bermingham explains what an inquest is briefly and then goes on to discuss why a coroner can direct a jury not to bring in a verdict of unlawful killing and what an open verdict (as in this case) is.

Listen to Podcast 83: Gerald Bermingham on the Menezes verdict.


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Geeklawyer took a trip to St Pancras railway station yesterday – believing that he was due to get on a train to see a friend of his up in Yorkshire.  It would appear, monitoring his transmissions on Twitter yesterday, that he got the day wrong.  I took a trip to St Pancras to see if he was there today.  He was….

I’m the man in the hat, of course.  Curiously, we both seem to have the same rather bizarre English accent… but no matter.

Watch the movie?

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The daily legal news and podcast now up on Insite Law

I’ve continued with a review of US law blogs
– quite a selection for you to look at today, including some written by ‘enthusiastic’ users of Twitter!

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