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Christmas draws closer…

As Christmas draws nearer day by day I thought a touch of festive spirit may be appropriate.  As an atheist, baptised with the wines of the old and new world over the last thirty years,  I don’t celebrate Christmas. I thought I should adapt a Christmas song to get myself in the mood for not celebrating Christmas.

Christmas is coming…

“Christmas is coming, the lawyers are getting fat, please put a fifty, in the senior partner’s hat.
If you haven’t got a fifty, a twenty will do, if you haven’t got a twenty, our firm is not  for you.”

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Today, I am interviewing @Herod about why he is on Twitter. He tells me about his ancestors, that he is running a hedge fund and working as a freelance consultant for HM Revenue and Customs.

Watch the movie?

(They seem to have the movie site back up and running)

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