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Over the last few weeks I have been doing a fair bit of research into US blogs to get an insight into the ways and attitudes of US lawyers –  academics and practitioners. It has been a fascinating experience.  While I have been, in my alter ego of ‘editor’ of what Ed of Blawg Review quite rightly calls my digital rag Insite Law *, profiling UK law blogs on a regular basis for nearly six months (see also:  UK Blawg Pageflake) I have decided to expand this series of Pageflakes.  * I take Ed’s comment as a compliment 🙂

Have a look at US Blogs Pageflake

Wildy, my favourite legal bookshop, has been very enthusiastic in supporting the young Insite Law and,  working with them,  I produced a Pageflake of all their subject areas with the five latest new and forthcoming titles as an instant snapshot (and shop window as it were)  for those not familiar with their bookshop and extensive range. I am always appreciative of support from sponsors to defray the fairly significant costs of running a free online magazine.

First up is a new Pageflake page covering US blogs. I am about one third of the way through reviewing some 150-200 blogs and I am publishing the Pageflake containing the blogs I have visited so far.  My selection is based on my own reading interest, the contact I have with Blawg  Review and informal and friendly contact with a number of US lawyers. I have not finished my review – so if any US lawyer would like to recommend their own blog or blogs they enjoy for inclusion – please email me.

The blogs on the Pageflake are in no particular order. I could see little value in spending a vast amount of time placing blogs solemnly in alphabetical order.  The quality of the blogs I have visited so far is exceptional – and, as an academic, there is a slight bias towards the academic blogs and the subject areas I am interested in – practice, crime, commercial, corporate and human rights. The range of blogs in the US is astonishing.  We are way behind the curve in the UK – hopefully catching up.  Mercifully, there are very quirky blogs in the US (featured on the Pageflakes page) so I feel absolutely no guilt that my own blog contributes little to jurisprudence, law or, indeed anything else connected with law!.

I will end up with about 150 blogs on the Pageflake by the time I finish.  I may well open US Blogs Pageflake 2 as I dig deeper in time.

I am also going to put together Pageflake pages -and this is well advanced – for Canada, Australia, Ireland and other commonwealth and civil jurisdictions.  These will all be ready in time for Christmas – so when you have eaten that mince pie too many and your relatives are boring you rigid, you can nip off do a bit of Twittering and have a look at some really rather good blogs.  The advantage of Pageflakes is simply that on one scrolling page you can get a quick snapshot of who is doing what and click straight in.  If you haven’t already set up your own RSS readers for this – then why not use the one I have done as a starting point.

I have completed phase 1 of the Canada Blog Pageflake. I have not included blogs where bloggers have not posted for many months, where there appears to be no RSS feed or where the RSS feed does not work.  I am happy to hear from Canadian bloggers who would like to be included.  This Pageflake, as with all others is an ongoing work.  I am grateful for the assistance of Steve Matthews of Stem Legal / Vancouver Librarian blog for his help and links.

I will be working tonight, possibly through the night, to complete the US Blog Pageflake – so it will grow as the evening progresses.


Have a look at US Blogs Pageflake

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17th December: Daily legal news and podcast

Daily legal news and podcast on Insite Law

A major news update with extended coverage of what is happening on UK Blawgs…. including…

A Classic Geeklawyer post
Geeklawyer: Random fire 16
A man who bought a wig and gown on eBay and then gave a grossly inept imitation of a barrister in court became the first person jailed for ‘pretending to be a barrister’. The judge said to him “You wanted to appear more important than you are.” Solicitor-Inadequates up and down the country have been inundating the Law Society phone lines to ask if they are safe.

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I have created a new Pageflake page for all the forthcoming titles held by Wildy & Sons by subject area. I have restricted it to FIVE  titles per subject to avoid a monster page.


The new Wildy Pageflakes page will, I hope, prove useful to students, academics and librarians.

You may also review all Wildy titles by subject,  page by page,  by clicking here.

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