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“LegalTech Dirtied by Lexis Lucre”…

US Attorney and criminal defence lawyer Scott Greenfield has some blunt words for Lexis-Nexis and Incisive Media on his blog Simple Justice – well worth a read if you are interested in how mainstream corporates try to *influence* comment on the blawgosphere!  The post and the comments are worth reading.

I quote from Scott Greenfield’s opening…

“LegalTech Dirtied by Lexis Lucre (Update)

You know something is for real when some corporation uses its cash to drag it down into the gutter.  And so the blawgosphere has entered the mainstream of corporate filth when Lexis/Nexis, ATM for that dinosaur Martindale-Hubbell, used its “sponsorship” to pull the plug on Kevin O’Keefe’s panel spot at LegalTech.”

Scott Greenfield also says… and I agree with him…

“This corporate politics approach is a disgrace, and the blawgosphere should do two things:  Let both Lexis/Nexis and Incisive Media know that we know that they are going to punish blawgers who don’t suck up to them.  Kevin O’Keefe is one of the most techno-savvy and knowledgeable guys I’ve ever met, and his absence from the panel is a near-condemnation of anything this panel has to offer.  You don’t toss the guy who knows what he’s talking about and expect to have any credibility.”


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