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Brigadier Grappa returns….

It is some time since I have been on the internet in this alter ego, but there was a time when I was a regular poster on RollonFriday;  wasting industrial amounts of time along with City lawyers, many of whom were senior associates (with a sprinkling of partners)  – and generally enjoying the pleasures of ribald commentary, drunken RoF drinks and meeting some very amusing people.

I have returned to the fray *Qua Brigadier Grappa* after seeing my other alter ego’s report (below)  on the tragic break up of the relationship between Prince Harry Pothead and his girlfriend, Chelsea and seeing the hyperventilation of the BBC journos who think this information merits front page coverage on the BBC website.  I have been spending a fair bit of time with my wine cellar and consuming of the distilled drink of the gods after which I named myself.  It has been an absence too long….

It seems to me that the BBC is dumbing down. I am not alone, of course, in this view but having seen endless amounts of waffle on Obama Day (Even David Milliband mocked John Sopel who was covering the Inauguration by apologising for interrupting Sopel’s stream of cliches when they cut to him for a *reaction*) I am beginning to wonder if politically correct BBC is catering to morons as part of a bit of * binge inclusiving*.

I watched BBC Breakfast the other morning. It was horrific. I expect GMTV to be happy clappy and full of primary colours. I know what goes on on that channel.  This is why I don’t watch it. With the BBC…  I wasn’t expecting reporters to be wearing dinner jackets but I did think we might be served up some fairly tight analysis given the various crises around the world.  The presenters, reading from their autocues, smiling manically (and, at times, inappropriately) served up the news of the world’s events as if  the people of Britain all had hangovers or had collectively been diagnosed with severe learning difficulties.

There is nothing wrong with being a moron. I would be the first to defend to the death the right of morons to be morons, win the lottery and then drive fast cars around their back gardens, but I do think, given that we now have 24/7 TV, the Dave TV Channel and various other state sponsored opiates for the work shy, that the rest of us could be given serious coverage in a reasonably adult and serious way.   Back to Radio 4 I think…. but not back to Royal Tonbridge Wells… oh no… I’m back… and as they say down my old manor…. laters….!


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We interrupt your lives to announce that Prince Harry and his girlfriend Chelsy Davy have ended their relationship.

The BBC, having run out of Labour politicans to kowtow to, has rekindled its interest in The Monarch and matters Royal. Clarence House has not made any official comment other than to say …”Bugger Orf!”


BBC News 24 and  their highly trained cadre of autocuties , now with absolutely nothing to do following their return from the Inauguration and Ascension of Barack Obama to the Office of The People’s President,  will now go into an orgy of completely pointless coverage, angst ridden speculation and much wringing of hands.  That is all.  Nicholas Witchell is in make up and will, no doubt, be on a TV screen near you… soon. Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh.

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