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I am planning to write a weekly newswire covering legal news, interesting posts from law blogs, podcasts, law reports and other useful information for lawyers each weekend covering the events of the preceding week.  It will be short, sharp and to the point – no frills, no pics… just hard, useful information.

This will, I hope, help you to keep abreast of legal news, reports and info at a quick glance

If you would like to receive a weekly newswire please sign up.  Your email details will, of course, be confidential and will not be sold to spammers or, indeed, anyone else.

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Today I am talking to John L. Kane , a senior District Judge in Denver, Colorado, United States.  John has very robust views on the War on drugs and the antiquated Rules of Civil Procedure and the extent to which judges have stopped adjudicating in courts in order to meet the Tsunami of data generated in this information age.

Listen to Podcast 93: John L. Kane on The War on Drugs


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