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I have just been at The Institute of Political Psychiatry in London listening to a most interesting paper.

I wasn’t able to tweet the entire conference but I was able to record Professor Strangelove’s extraordinary statement on my mobile phone.

Statement from Dr Strangelove MB, CH, FRCP, FRSA Emeritus Professor,  Institite of Political Psychiatry, London

“I have come to ze conclusion, after many years of research, to conclude that zis government is ill, sick in ze head and has Political Asperger Syndrome.  I define zis in ze traditional way, but with ze variants… it is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Governments with PAS therefore show difficulties in social interaction and have restricted, stereotyped patterns of behavior and interests. Governments suffering from this syndrome also tend to believe that they are unassailable and have a tendency to wish to over regulate the lives of those they govern. One of the unfortunate side effects of PAS is memory loss and this often presents by a total inability to recall the manifesto on which they were elected in the first place. We have noted, in a study of dictatorial regimes in other parts of the world, zat some patient governments also exhibit a tendency to forget where data is or lose it. There is also a tendency to blame others for failure.  Zat is all I haff to say on ze subject today. More research is needed.  There is no cure.”


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4th February: Daily legal news and podcast

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