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Today I am talking to Alexander Learmonth, Chairman of The Young Barristers Committee of the Bar Council.
Called in 2000, Alex is a member of NewSquare Chambers. I talk to Alex about the realities facing  young members of the bar and his advice for students contemplating a career at the bar or who are doing the BVC now and the prospects for pupillage and tenancy. [Pic: Marcus Lyon]

Listen to Podcast 96: Alexander Learmonth, Chairman, Young Barristers Committee of The Bar Council


Podcast 96 link for iTunes


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While I am delighted for those who believe in what to me is frankly unbelievable, I found Tony Blair’s statement on Faith and Faiths when he met Obamassiah (ahead of Gordon Brown)… when most of the world’s political nutters seem to speak directly to some form of god or say they are doing some god’s will…  not to my taste this morning.  What did amuse me was the fact that Blair managed to tweak The Prime Mentalist’s tail yet again by being the first world statesman (sic) to meet the new President.

Meanwhile… it being a Friday… I am grateful to fellow Twitterer @infobunny for drawing my attention to a story about a man being arrested for kissing two blow-up dolls in his car while parked outside the Publix shop in Cape Coral, Florida.  Perhaps more interesting was the fact this story was reported by The TelegraphMon dieu!… what will the good people of middle minded England be thinking… Outraged of Seven Oaks must be having great difficulty dressing in his cravat and blazer this fine wet morning.

It being Friday… it is always worth nipping over to RollonFriday.com to see what is in their weekly news round up.  Amusement is usually on the agenda.

Today they have another of those “You don’t know your arse from your elbow” moments. This time the College of Law comes under the spotlight…

College of Law mistakenly tells students they’ve failed

“The College of Law has  yet more egg on its face after a number of firm-sponsored LPC students were erroneously informed that they had failed every single one of their first round papers. Students at the Chester branch logged onto the College’s intranet as instructed last Thursday only to be greeted with the news that they had failed Business Accounts, Advocacy and their Practical Legal Research project. Given that the students face having their training contracts withdrawn if they fail to pass their assessments at the first attempt there was a collective browning of trousers. Students who telephoned the College to find out what was going on were asked for their candidate numbers – before being given a cryptic message. If they had passed, they were told that whilst they couldn’t get their results over the phone they had nothing to worry about. If they had failed a module, they were told to come in to the College.” It would appear to have been an error….  Story

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Daily news update and news podcast up on Insite Law.

Well… it is unlikely to be *Sir* Jeremy Clarkson at any time in the near future after Clarkson began his State Visit to Australia by slagging off the Prime Mentalist, Gordon Brown.  Clarkson, a national treasure who drives fast cars like a hooligan on too many e-numbers (to the delight of the nation’s petrol heads), described Brown as a “one eyed Scottish idiot” and accused him of lying to the British public about the world economy.  Various Scots MPs were pulled from their beds/offices etc to express outrage.  All this… and more is covered today on Insite Law’s news update…. Read

I am able to report that I had a great lunch yesterday with John Bolch, Jacqui Gilliat from 4 Brick Court and her pupil Ella Shaw yesterday in Maidstone. The meet up – or should I say *Tweet Up* was arranged over Twitter.  It was a civilised affair.  Jacqui (Author of the Bloody Relations blog) , having completed her court case at the Maidstone Law Courts, suggested that we might take of the wines of the Gods.  It will come as no surprise to readers that I was easily persuaded to this course of action and Rioja arived, as if by magic, at our table… several bottles of the stuff, as it happens.

I am doing a podcast at high noon today with Alexander Learmonth, Chairman of The Young Barrister’s Committee to talk about the realities facing young barristers in today’s financial climate and to talk about prospects for students seeking pupillage and tenancies over the next couple of years.  With this in mind, I invited Jacqui Gilliatt’s pupil, Ella Shaw, to do a podcast on this very theme.  I’m pleased to report that she accepted the invitation and I will record the podcast with her on Sunday.

And finally… I’ve got my accounts sorted… by using an excellent accounts package I found online called KashFlow. It works on both Mac and PC, works online for Mac users (Important for me) and is astonishingly easy to use – even for a law blogger.  So… if you are a lawyer, blogger, freelance lecturer or just a bon viveur whose accounts are in a  black plastic bin bag – may I encourage you to try the 60 day FREE trial and get your accounts sorted to professional standards.  It also has a most useful *Email the invoice* function – joy!.  I make no apology for being an opportunist.  Noticing that the CEO of Kashflow is on Twitter, I asked Duane Jackson  if he would care to sponsor my daily news podcasts and support my free online magazine by buying a small, modestly priced, advert.  I work on the principle for my free onlne mag that if *You don’t ask, you don’t get*.  Duane Jackson was prepared to do this – which I appreciate. If you need to sort your acounts – I have no hesitation in commending Kashflow to you – and did so on Twitter even before I came up with the idea of asking Duane to sponsor my daily news podcasts! Try Kashflow FREE for 60 days?

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