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You may have seen the press reports about  Richard Dawkins and the atheist bus advert “There probably is no God: so stop worrying and enjoy your life”  The BBC reports that these adverts prompted complaints from the group Christian Voice and from individuals. The BBC report continues….

‘Spurred on’  Three separate pro-God advert campaigns on the sides of London buses are set to hit city streets. Buses adorned with the slogan “There definitely is a God” are from the Christian Party, while the Trinitarian Bible Society chose a Biblical verse. The Russian Orthodox Church is also preparing bus adverts.

Not to be left out … I am toying with the idea of having my own adverts on a London bus and have mocked up how the adverts may look and showing the regalia I may hire from my local joke  and fancy dress shop

Fellow atheist and antitheist John Bolch of the Family Lore blog made the point, when I discussed the idea with him, that the Advertising Standards Board may well take a different view of the pro-God advert use of the words ‘there definitely is a God’ on grounds that objective proof should be available to back up claims …. which is certainly required for health, beauty and other products making definite claims.

I know that it is an offence to impersonate a policeman or a lawyer, doctor etc, but as I won’t be carrying out marriage ceremonies, baptising anyone or preaching,  I should be OK to wander around London on ‘my bus’ dressed in robes and a pointy hat.   I shall have to remember not to do any exorcisms or castigate bankers and money changers as I pass through London if this project ever takes off.

So… what else has been happening in the surreal world of UK blawgers?…
Last night, at a loss for something to do, I decided to have a Macbeth evening on Twitter.  It started mildly enough with a Macbeth adapted  tweet…Is this a wine glass which I see before me. The lip toward my mouth? Come, let me drink thee.” but it was not long before other Twitterers joined in and a quote from @gjacqui appeared…Pour out the wine without restraint or stay, Pour not by cups, but by the bellyful, Pour out to all that wull.” (Spenser).. to which I had to reply (from the same work) ” And sprinkle all the posts and walls with wine,  that they may sweat, and drunken be withall.”

@carlgardner, making a rare State Visit to Twitter (and perhaps concerned that I may be having a winter of discontent)  chipped in with an excellent film link to the famous soliloquy by Olivier at the beginning of Richard III (which just happens to be my favourite Shakespeare play).  @MisterRo asked if I happened to know my Catullus.  He was looking for suitable latin maxims or aphorisms on the subject of ‘Love’ and then….  I had an exchange of Tweets with the exceptionally well read @infobunny (whose knowledge of literature and film is wide, eclectic and deep) on Kafka and his seminal books The Trial and The Castle.  This is proof (if proof be needed) that twitter for lawyers isn’t all about ambulance chasing, serious law,  marketing, the race to secure the most followers or drunken, but amusing, nonsense.  We shoehorned a bit of culture in …. and you don’t always get that down at The Dog & Duck gastropub!

T’was fun.  Although I am pleased to be able to report that my friend MIAMICRIMLAW asked…. @Charonqc I’m being followed by @thirstforrioja is this your stage name?

I shall return for Postcard from a London Bus Part II later in the day….. time for a glass of vino and a woodbine or two…

UPDATE: Colin Samuels of  the Infamy or Praise blog has this to say (from the Comments)….

For thousands of years, individuals, tribes, and civilizations have struggled against one another over the existence and nature of a higher being. After all that time and struggle, while religious conflict continues to dominate daily life in many parts of the world, we are all fortunate that the existence or non-existence of God will be finally and definitively resolved by the British advertising standards board. We owe you lot a debt of gratitude, certainly. British public transport: a force for international peace!”


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