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MPs shocked by Boris Johnson expletives…

The Independent: “Boris Johnson launched an expletive-laden attack on the chairman of the Commons Home Affairs Committee after he was criticised for giving confused evidence, it was revealed today.”

London Mayor Boris Johnson cycled through the snow and ice last week  to appear before the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee.  Apparently the members were not impressed…. The Independent reports: “Tom Brake, a Lib Dem member of the cross-party committee, said they had all been struck by Mr Johnson’s lack of preparation for the evidence session. “When he came to give evidence he was completely unprepared. He was less prepared than some 18-year-old Scouts who came to see us the week before,” Mr Brake said.”It was almost as if he had fallen out of bed 10 minutes before.”

Well… there we are. Brings a bit of colour to life and  at least he didn’t sit before a Select Committee wringing his hands and say how unreservedly sorry he was to have headed a once great bank, now reduced to being a chattel of the State,  and stating with the false gravity of a funeral director on a busy day that he could not be more sorry he had not received a single penny in cash and, as a result, had lost £5 million when the shares in the bank fell through the floor.


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