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Welcome to my 100th Podcast interview with movers, shakers, practitioners and pundits from  the wonderful world of law… practice and academe.

Today I am talking to Dan Hull, founder of Hull McGuire PC with Julie McGuire. Dan, A litigator and lobbyist with life-long professional ties to Washington, D.C practices in the areas of commercial litigation (primarily U.S. federal courts and ADR abroad), environmental law, employment practices law, and legislative affairs.  He is also the founder of the well known and well regarded WhatAbout Clients? Blog which, at weekends turns itself into the WhatAboutParis? Blog.

We talk about The credit-crunch – law firm redundancies – the ‘knowledge gap’ – the Billable hour v Flat fee controversy and even talk about Geeklawyer.

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Charon Reports on the Geert Wilders affair…

Today I am talking to Carl Gardner, barrister, writer, ex government lawyer and author of the Head of Legal blog about the (possibly)  unlawful exclusion of Geert Wilders.

Wilders has been excluded under regulations 19(1) and 21 of the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006, which faithfully copy out and implement the requirements of article 27 of Directive 2004/38 on the rights of EU citizens to move freely.

Listen to the podcast report with Carl Gardner



BBC Any Questions Radio 4: David Davies MP speaks on Free Speech issue – says Government wrong to ban Wilders.
(At about 28 minutes in to the 50 minute programme)

No sign, as far as I can see (yet) of Liberty response. Will continue to look.  If anyone finds a response before I do – please put comment in and I’ll publicise Liberty response.

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Friday 13th February: Daily news up…

Daily News is up on Insite Law + Podcast…

White Rabbit returns to blogging…
Hear from the White Rabbit himself…

Brown fends off MPs but loses second banker in two days
Guardian: Prime Minister makes robust attack on bonuses as watchdog in charge of bailed-out banks steps aside from new post

MPs shocked by Boris Johnson expletives…
Charon reflects on this

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