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Carry on Submariners…..

I am baffled (as most will be)  as to how two highly trained naval submarine captains – one, Royal Navy, the other French Navy – managed to crash their submarines into each other, with advanced technology at their disposal, in the middle of the Atlantic, a huge ocean.  Captain Bligh would not have been amused…. It is like something out Carry on Submarining,

The Independent reports that the submarines had enough nuclear material on board for 1248 Hiroshima bombs.

The good news though is… that stealth technology is clearly improving. ”

The Independent reports: “Naval experts, who underlined that the two nuclear submarines were built with hulls designed to withstand huge pressures, expressed surprise that the sonar arrays of both had failed to detect either vessel. Sonar technology is now so sophisticated manufacturers boast it can recognise a small fish. That it does not seem to have been able to pick out a submarine nearly the length of two football pitches and the height of a three-storey building could be explained by the development of stealth technology, making the submarines less visible to other vessels.”


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