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The saga of The Home Secretary’s whereabouts of a night continues to excite the ravening horde and now Mr and Mrs Taplin of 22 Acacia Avenue are in on the act;  twitching their curtains and demanding the truth about Jacqui Smith’s living arrangements. (BBC report) Apparently Mr & Mrs Curtain Twitcher live next door to Jacqui Smith’s sister and are fully aware of our Home Secretary’s comings and goings and are not at all happy with her explanation.  They want to know – as is their right in what is left of our free democracy.  They took their careful observations to The Tories.  the Tories told them to contact a national newspaper as it was in the ‘public interest’.  So they did… and now Hapless Jacqui has to explain where she does live.

Given that she is Home Secretary and therefore guarded, one presumes, by the Police for much of the time… surely a quick call to the Metropolitan Police SO 51 Psyops & Leaks Unit would illicit this information if Sir John *The Sleazebuster* Lyons is unable to get the Metropolitan Police Commissioner to return his calls?

All will, no doubt, be revealed by our Fourth Estate Dogs of War jihadis… in time…


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Liberty and libertarianism…

First up this morning was the Convention on Modern Liberty, noted below. Then along comes the House of Lords judgment in Qatada.  Carl Gardner, as ever, is on the money with this and his post dissects the issue thoroughly and with elegance. See Head of Legal blog post.

Thirdly… I had the pleasure of talking with Ian Parker-Joseph, Leader of the UK Libertarian Party.  Ian is on twitter. In fact, I was one of his first *Followers* and *Followees*.   I’m doing a Podcast with Ian on Friday… to give you a taste of what we will be discussing here is a link to Ian’s blog and the UK Libertarian Party.

I was particularly taken with this piece of information… a masterly way to make a point:


An Internet grass-roots campaign will this week deliver a copy of George
Orwell’s prophetic novel ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ to every Member of

The books will be inscribed with the words, ‘This book was a warning, not a
blueprint’, and will arrive at Parliament on or before November 5th — a
date of well known historical significance for that building.


Outraged by the continual attack upon civil liberties within our nation, a
fortnight ago the Libertarian Party proposed reminding those in Westminster
who they were elected to serve, and in whose interests the laws that they
pass are meant to function.

Spread purely by word of mouth, a campaign to send each Member of Parliament
their own copy of Orwell’s dystopian classic met with overwhelming support
on the Internet, with many more books pledged than the 646 required to
ensure that every one of our elected representatives receive a personal
copy. The Libertarian Party contributed just 75 books itself, with the
remainder coming (directly, or via campaign donations) from people of all
political parties, and of none.

The UK Libertarian Party leader, Ian Parker-Joseph, explained, “As the
people of Britain become ever more spied upon and ever more heavily taxed,
as the government attempts to control how much we should smoke, eat and
drink, as the state legislates to regulate ever more the minutiae of our
lives, the Libertarian Party want to remind people that we have the power,
and that our elected representatives work for us.”

Extract from the Blogofbile

Yes… right up my street.  I shall look forward to this podcast.

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Convention on Modern Liberty

Definitely worth a look.

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