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Blawg Review, set up by the anonymous and mysterious Ed is an institution, a carnival of law bloggers with a different blawger hosting it each week.  This week Ed celebrated the 200th edition and wondered if the end was nigh?  I can’t see the death of Blawg Review imminent or otherwise.  It is a wonderful resource and while US centric to some extent, this is changing.  A number of bloggers from the UK, Canada, Australia and elsewhere have hosted.  I’ve enjoyed doing two:  #141 at the beginning of 2008 and #193 at the beginning of 2009 (The Lord of Misrule)

While children sleep in their beds and lawyers pore over their briefs and papers…. the Prince of Darkness himself will host Blawg Review on March 16th… the theme day of my favourite god, Bacchus.  Lawyers in the American mid-west ‘may’ tremble at the prospect after the Prince revealed himself in Blawg Review #666 last year – a truly astonishing peroration on no theme at all by the holder of the Tourette Chair of Legal Blogging at F%$chester University.   This year… who knows what GEEKLAWYER will do.   I cannot wait!

I interviewed Geeklawyer who likes to remain anonymous. This explains his Ninja outfit.  He has just been in Canada for a month, living high on the proceeds of fees from his grateful punters.

Watch the movie to see what he has to say about his forthcoming Blawg Review.

PS: Colin Samuels, author of the Infamy or Praise Blawg picked up his fourth Blawg Review of The Year title (in succession) for his excellent Blawg Review on the theme of The Ancient Mariner. His previous Blawg Reviews took Dante’s Inferno as the theme. I am pleased to say that Colin Samuels is now my co-author for the West London Man series of social satires modelled (loosely) on Hogarth’s Rake’s Progress.

Watch the movie to see what he has to say about his forthcoming Blawg Review.


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Love is in the lair?….

Ageing middle aged roue, lawyer, blogger and professional Rioja drinker seeks attractive, amusing woman who does not spend her leisure hours reading Rayden on Divorce or stripping newsagent shelves of Bride Monthly.  Tax and Trust lawyers or those with off-shore expertise need not apply. Smokers encouraged and drinking is compulsory.

Despite the fact that I have been married  so many times I now have an ASBO prohibiting me from going within 200 yards of a Church, Register Office or other licensed place for the purpose of committing libertarian suicide, I am not, contrary to the *advert* above, looking for love or a shag.

No… I am assisting my good friends over at LawandMore with their latest idea, cooked up possibly after work at a decent wine bar.  Their idea?  The Dating Game…

This is what I received from the most amusing editor (she who set fire accidentally to my chest hair while I was a guest of LawandMore  at an excellent lunch last summer)

Are you single? Is the person sitting next to you single? Is James from IP single?

Law and More, after numerous requests, has finally got round to introducing
Lawandmore Dating. The section will work much as you find in The London Paper/Metro but, obviously, we’ll be sending out hot lawyers out on various escapades around the capital – wine tasting, slap up meal for two, dancing lesson etc ( also happy to organise any requests)  (all expenses paid, naturally) . All we require you to do is a. have fun b. to write up a smart and sassy review of the evening and any intricacies that evolve! You can, of course, remain anonymous should you so wish. All we require is the name of your firm/chamber/practice and a few photographs of the evening which can be altered to preserve confidentiality. Of course, as this section is totally new, we are very much open to any ideas you may have to make this section fly.

We are currently inviting all singletons that work within the legal profession (and would like to go on a date with a foxy peer) to submit a very short resume stating: Sex,  Age, Orientation, Interests, Position within firm,Looking for/interest/ideal partner, Recent photo, Ideal date/ activity

We’ll than match you, hopefully, with your kindred spirit and send you on an all expenses paid date in the Capital (regional to follow) Please forward this email on to any of your single peers that could do with a fabulous night out and someone to call their ‘own’.

Please submit entries/requests/feedback/ideas to Vwozniak@lawandmore.co.uk and Sabreena@lawandmore.co. – all material will be handled with the utmost discretion.

Editorial Note: Having said that… if anyone would like….. no….. no…. enjoy yourselves.

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I am doing a podcast soon with Steve Hynes, Director of The Legal Action Group (LAG) as part of my current series of podcasts on civil liberties and human rights.  We plan to focus on Legal Aid (or the lack of it) in civil cases and access to justice issues.  LAG has a book on Legal Aid coming out in mid-March and e’ll certainly mention that in our podcast.

Steve is the director of the Legal Action Group (LAG). LAG is a charity that through its publishing and training services plays an important role in increasing lawyers’ and advisers’ knowledge of the law. It also carries out policy and campaigning work mainly focused on publicly funded legal services, advocating for the voice of the end-user to be heard.

Other Lawcasts on Civil Liberties in the series so far :

Roger Smith, Director of Justice on civil liberties and human rights

Michael Burdett, Unbalancing the Scales of Justice

Carl Gardner, on the Qatada judgement

Carl Gardner on Freedom of Speech – the Geert Wilders exclusion

Ian  Parker-Jospeh, Leader of the UK Libertarian Party

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25th February: Daily law news and news podcast

25th February: Daily law news and news podcast up on Insite Law

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