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27th February: Daily law news and news podcast up on Insite Law – and it is a big update on the UK blawgs section.

See also the Insite Law Blog – where all the news items, podcasts, and UK blog posts featured on Insite Law each week are archived.  The value of the Insite Law Blog lies in the searchability of the news and blog items. So if you want to catch up on the weekly news or what has happening in the UK blawgosphere – the Insite Law blog will be of some use, hopefully.  Have a look?


You may want to get the weekly legal news, law reports, blog posts, news from the Bar, the Law Society and The Ministry of Justice delievered straight to your in-box.  If so, then sign up for my free weekly newswire.  Have a look at Issue #4 from last week to get a feel for what is offered.

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A number of enthusiasts have given a great deal of time to covering developments in the law and discussing the issues of the day. Have a look – and if you feel like contributing with posts or discussion – they will welcome your contribution. Visit the board

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