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There is, of course, no truth in the story reported in The Telegraph that Her Majesty has taken to Twittering.  I am grateful to Ed of Blawg Review for passing this information to me from across the Pond. When I saw the email from Ed I wondered if my brother, Charon QC, was on a one way trip down The Thames to The Tower after his recent promotion of UK Bloggers currently playing on the front page of Blawg Review itself. On this occasion Charon was not involved in the dissemination of nonsense to members of the Fourth Estate. While Charon likes to be called Charon, pronounced in his faux ancient greek way ‘Karon’, I prefer the more inclusive, the more modern and relaxed mode of address… so please…  do call me Rex.

Yikes…. crikey… I’d better be careful if I am not going to sound like Boris who, interestingly, covered the Harman fiasco by describing Sir Fred The Shred in these words.. “With his cheeky-chappie smirk and a 12-bore crooked irritatingly over his arm, this is the man who has come to incarnate all the worst vices of the financial services industry. Sir Fred has become the epitome of the bankers who collectively occupy a place in public opinion significantly lower than cannibalistic paedophile global-warming deniers….”

Chase me, ladies, I’m in the cavalry keeps us up to date with what Tony Blair is up to but notes “my campaign to have him hanged has yet to bear fruit…”

With The Bank of England reducing interest rates to 0.5% and easing itself into a position for a spot of Zimbabwean  ‘quantitative easing’,  I’d like to refer you to an amusing piece by John Redwood MP on his blog the other day which gives a fair summation of the state of the nation: Statement by UK PLC CEO on his visit to the US.  I provide a small taste of the caustic analysis to come from Redwood’s pen… “It is a pleasure to visit our US partner company at a time of unparalleled expansion and success. Our joint formula of “putting the losses back into business” is working well. On both sides of the Atlantic governments are able to report big leaps forward in trading losses from a growing range of talented loss making businesses in which governments have shares. Our joint formula of “never knowingly undersubsidised” is proving especially popular in our financial subsidiaries….”

Our Prime Minister is somewhere in America at the moment. I have absolutely no idea where, nor care that much, but he did manage to see Obama and talk to some bemused americans bussed into Congress to fill the place when the real guys went AWOL.  Guido Fawkes takes up the story: ” The coverage of Brown’s trip on American broadcast networks – what little coverage there was – was humiliatingly bad for Gordon. This excerpt gives you an idea. This broadcaster used words like: Wounded at home … wanted a news conference… got a low key meeting … didn’t seem to mind being the American President’s poodle …. Brown is desperate … the President pointedly didn’t make any promises about a global new deal…”

Hedging my bets, like that Quentin Davies  guy who did a runner some years ago from the Tory benches to the Labour – only, quite probably, to lose his seat at the next election… I’m going to give a bit of spin to Labour with this story reported by Recess Monkey: “Tory candidate Jacob Rees-Mogg is in hot water after sending a letter to voters in North East Somerset that had been almost entirely plagiarised from a piece by Trevor Kavanagh in The Sun. Rees-Mogg denies plagiarism, instead blaming an assistant. Sounds like he will go far...”

Obnoxio The Clown has a rather alarming picture of Foreign Secretary David Miliband in a post entitled Trixy, baby…

While David Miliband does have an image problem, judging by Obnoxio’s pic post, Tom Harris MP asks “Does my bum look big in this?”

While I share my brother’s antipathy towards all gods of whatever persuasion etc etc, I tend to be pragmatic when meeting future voters and prevaricate, dissimulate, traverse and evade with the best of them so as to retain their interest in voting for me.  The Coffee House, the in-house blog from The Spectator, reports “Blair did God a lot more and a lot earlier than the press realised.”

Sorry seems to be the hardest word. A rather lame new website from Conservative Home called “Sorry from Gordon” seems to have been launched this evening.  It is unlikely that I will be visiting… unless of course, as Lord CashnCarry would say “You’ve got to whet my appetite to get me on board.”

Biased BBC covers the Brown trip to the US with the comment “Brown Broadcasting Corporation : I wonder if the BBC can realise just how pandering this Kevin Connolly article is to Gordon Brown’s chosen narrative of his trip to Washington?”

Although I can see no particular political advantage to myself by bringing your attention to a Lib-Dem story (I would need a lot of appetite whetting to get me on board  as well as a 400 point poll lead predicted by pollsters)  – let me refer you to The Devil’s Kitchen: Chris Huhne: fuckwit plagiarist

If you need to be kept up to the very minute with what our political masters are up to – I use it so that I can give some semblance of what is going on should I be stalked by a constituent and for my future appearances on Question Time – Politics Home will do the business for you…. and, of course, you may get some pleasure from reading the political blogs collated on Insite Law’s Netvibes Politics blog page.

I’ll be doing a weekly review of political stuff, possibly even more often – but this very short review, as my first post,  will, I hope, give you a taste of how Westminster is viewed by political bloggers… and don’t forget the ravening horde of commenters on Guido’s blog (and other blogs) .. the humour can be ripe… but so is politics.

Right then… that’s quite enough freebie work for me for the day. I have a John Lewis catalogue to study… in detail.  Mind how you go…  as Dixon of Dock Green used to say… Government IS out to get you.


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Let me introduce you to my younger brother, Rex Charon MP. We are a fairly large family.  I have two brothers; one is Professor RD Charon, a law don and then there is Rex who has finally been elected to Parliament, encouraged by politics in the post-RBS-HBOS era.  Rex worked as an investment banker for many years and is much taken by the opportunities now presenting themselves both as to expenses and potentially lucrative, but fully disclosable, directorships  and other consultancies.  He does not aspire to high office but if preferment was to come his way, it is quite likely that he would accept office, albeit reluctantly.

Rex likes to describe himself as Centre-Left-Right.


We live in interesting times and politics, an interest I have, is coming more to the fore.  Commentary, once the preserve of the dead tree press as I have heard it described by Guido and others, is now often far sharper on the political blogs than in traditional press, television and media coverage.  If you are interested in politics then you may like to dip into this collection of political blogs – I’ll be adding to them as time goes on.  [You will also find the link in my blogroll to the right  *2. Political Blogs Netvibes page* ]

Political Blogs Netvibes page

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