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Lawcast 114: Gerry Riskin, founder of Edge International – Law practice in these recessionary times

Today I’m talking to Gerry Riskin, a Canadian lawyer and Business School graduate with a global reputation.

Gerry has clients including the most prominent firms in the world. Gerry is also a Visiting Fellow of The College of Law in London and a Visiting Professor to the Gordon Institute of Business Science at the University of Pretoria in South Africa.  He is also the author of the Amazing Firms, Amazing Practices blog and an enthusiastic and effective user of twitter.  He appears to need no sleep and is the founder of the Edge group with Patrick Mckenna which in January 2001, evolved into Edge International.

We talk about: The propensity of clients to pay slow and what firms can do about it – layoffs – managing the firm through turbulent times – the knowledge gap – life after the recession? and engage in a bit of ‘futurology’.

Listen to the podcast with Gerry Riskin | Podcast version for iTunes


Amazing Firms, Amazing Practices Blog

Edge International

Gerry’s Blog – Law Office Economics Section:


The Successful Lawyer

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Lawcast 113: Professor John Flood on the rise in fees for the Legal Practice Course

Today I am talking to Professor John Flood.  We examine the rising cost of legal education in the light of the recent decision by three London Law Schools, BPP, The College of Law and Kaplan, to put their fees for the legal practice course up by nearly ten per cent at a time when the profession and the country generally is experiencing the most severe recession since the 1930s.

Listen to the podcast with John Flood | Podcast version for iTunes

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We live in interesting times and politics is coming more to the fore.  Commentary, once the preserve of the dead tree press (as I have heard it described by Guido and others) is now often far sharper on the political blogs than in traditional press, television and media coverage.  If you are interested in politics then you may like to dip into this collection of political blogs – I’ll be adding to them as time goes on.  [You will also find the link in my blogroll to the right  *2. Political Blogs Netvibes page* ]

Political Blogs Netvibes page

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