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While I am no fan of babies and young children being wheeled into pubs at weekends by chino and blazer wearing parents, I do have some sympathy with the idea – should their babies be involved in a serious crime and then be eliminated from police enquiries as a *prime suspect* – that the DNA of their child should be DELETED from the Police DNA database.

Unfortunately…it would appear that I am not joined in this not unreasonable view by our increasingly pantomime Home Secretary. The BBC reports that… “A baby had its details held on the controversial DNA police database, Jacqui Smith has confirmed. The home secretary said the youngest person to have a DNA profile held on the database was less than a year old and the oldest was over 90. It is understood the sample would have been taken to eliminate the baby’s DNA from a crime scene.”

The BBC continues to report… “In December the European Court of Human Rights ruled the UK should not indefinitely retain the DNA and fingerprint records of people who were not convicted of a crime. Following that ruling, Ms Smith announced changes to the way the database operated – and said the government would take “immediate steps” to remove the DNA profiles of children under 10 from the database.”

I am not a specialist in DNA but I know people who areCellmark – who help me keep my free mag Insite Law free. I cannot imagine it will take that long to remove this baby’s DNA and all the other DNA records kept for innocent people – but knowing this government they will probably lose the password to the encrypted file, assuming, of course, they haven’t lost the entire datebase itself.


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nipclaw@Charonqc DNA – how many cases do these twits have to lose in Strasbourg at our expense. If they’ve got any spare dosh, revive legal aid.

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Blawg Review #202 is now up

Carl Gardner, the author of the Head of Legal Blog is the host of Blawg Review this week. Carl goes walkabout around the UK, Europe and the United States in an excellent review of the latest from law blogs. Well worth a visit.

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Insite Law news and podcast now up.

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