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Today I’m talking to Craig Williams, a US lawyer, the author of the May It Please The Court blog and a leading US podcaster who hosts the Lawyer to Lawyer show with Bob Ambrogi.
Craig, who has Welsh and Scots ancestry, is hosting the upcoming Blawg Review #206 on 6th April on the theme of Tartan Week – which lasts for a week in New York.

I talk to Craig about Blawg  Review – his blog, his ancestry and, of course… podcasting.

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April Fool

Is this the Times annual April Fool story?

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A march of all the fools… or a serious day of serious protest?

The hyperventilators and autocuties in BBC and Sky television studios are ready. Journalists from the serious and tabloid press are ready. The bloggers are ready. Ladies and gentlemen…of the press and media… start your engines for All Fools Day promises to bring all the fools to London (some are even coming out of retirement from the days of the Poll Tax riots in the nineties) to protest while world leaders are wafted about London in armoured cars with police escorts.

The Police are “up for it and up to it”. Guido Fawkes will be there and exhorts “Wear your pinstripes with pride (today)”

Climate change is, possibly important and may become even more so if it is actually proven that mankind is buggering  the planet up and climatic anomalies are not simply climate anomalies. Leaving that to one side for the present, the world leaders are gathering in London to discuss the most severe financial crisis since the great depression and certainly since World War II.

This is perhaps, for the immediate future, more important than almost anything else on the agenda so protests about a myriad of other matters, some entirely unimportant, are at best a distraction. At worst, if serious violence follows and anti-capitalists and assorted morons, hooligans and people whose eyes are too close together start fighting with Police for their own amusement and gratification, people will get hurt and important protest will be devalued. The day has yet to begin, so we shall see what happens. Along with others, I shall be watching with interest. Enjoy your day and whatever it brings you…

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