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POLICE: What are you going to do now?

The Guardian has a particlarly disturbing film of Ian Tomlinson being pushed over by a police officer. Tomlinson had his hands in his pockets, with his back to police and was walking away from them.  He was pushed by an officer, and fell over with his hands still in his pockets.  Ian Tomlinson died later.

There were no edits in this film as far as I could see, no immediate threat to Police from Tomlinson – yet he was pushed from behind by a policeman in riot gear.  Is this policing we should accept?  Is this an example of Police showing restraint, good discipline and bravery?  What excuse can the police come up with to excuse this excessive use of force?   A man died soon after this action.  There is a possible causal link – such is not beyond the bounds of possibility and may yet be confirmed by experts.

Make you own mind up when you see the film footage.

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