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Lawcast 127: Simon Fodden on Slaw, Canada

Slaw is a Canadian co-operative weblog about any and all things legal. During the four years they have been publishing, their audience has steadily grown to include hundreds of practicing lawyers, legal librarians, legal academics and students

I quote from their ABOUT section…. “Slaw operates with a core of regular contributors and a penumbra of occasional contributors , as well as a roster of regular columnists . It is open to anyone who is knowlegeable and interested to apply to join Slaw in any of these capacities. Because information technology dissolves boundaries, you don’t have to be a Canadian to join and talk about legal matters.”

Today, I’m talking to Simon Fodden, Professor Emeritus, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University Toronto, about Slaw, the Canadian legal system generally and his views on the internationality of the blawgosphere…

Listen to the podcast | Podcast version for itunes

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I am risen… just a day late…

EXCELLENT… this post has made my morning… there I was, wondering what to have a laugh about next.. and along comes The Fat Bigot  with this excellent tale about smoking an electronic cigarette in a restaurant and having to deal with a particularly cretinous woman who objected and knew the law better than anyone because ‘she worked in a (F****g) pub”

I always enjoy hearing tales of the cretinous – and their  unshakeable belief they are always right. This is an excellent blog post and I commend you to it – forthwith… or with great speed as I would say if I was invading France again. This is The Fat Bigot on very good form…

As it happens, the editor of LawnadMore, the law lifetsyle website (I do occasional reviews for along with half of the UK blogging world!) has an E-ciggie waiting for me to collect and I shall be collecting it this week when I go drinking with the two editors on Thursday avec Geeklawyer and JacquiG.

Exercise while you smoke

Bizarrely, this is exactly what I have been doing since Saturday last.  I sit at a desk for too many hours.  I have not been getting enough exercise.  So… a plan hatched in my mind that if I nip outside to have a cigarette instead of sitting at my desk smoking  as I have done for many years – I could do some exercise while I smoke, look at the view and get a bit of fresh air all at the same time.  The elegance of this multi-tasking and time management appealed to me.

So… I do leg exercises, abs, arms, press ups, running on the spot, lunges, starbursts..  about ten different exercises in all – in reps of 20 each time I have a cigarette.  As I am down to about 25 cigs a day – I am now unable to walk through stiffness after doing this for the last two days. BUT…  I shall, of course, continue. In a month I shall be ripped…. possibly.

I used to be extremly fit in my Kendo and Squash days – but that was some time back.  As I have enough sins and turning into a fat bastard is not on my immediate agenda – this is the way forward.  I shall call it by a Japanese name… Smokedo – the Art of Smoking while exercising.

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