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BPP, the BVC and some thoughts….

A commenter on Simon Myerson QC’s blog Pupillage and how to get it – made an amusing comment about me riding in on my white charger to complain about BPP – noting that I am ex-BPP  – providing guidance on pupillage applications along the lines of the service provided by Oxbridge Training Contracts.

I have given Oxbridge Training Contracts a fair opportunity to justify their essay writing / pupillage application services and do not propose to rehearse the matter further.  (See my blog /podcasts etc etc)

I did, however, reply to the commenter on Simon Myerson’s blog.  I repeat my comment here….

Manage Change…

I may have founded BPP Law School  – I have no interest however, commercial or other indirect interest , in what BPP do now.

I sold my shares over 10 years years ago and while I am pleased to have founded a law school with others in my career – BPP moved in a different direction to the vision I was interested in – and that is, of course, their prerogative.

My vision was then, and is still now, to provide access to education at a very modest price. This, however, is not consistent with modern law school practice at vocational level – whether PLC, charity or university.

The BVC course is a useful source of revenue for all  law schools currently validated. I remain convinced  that when it proves to be unattractive to law schools to run the BVC – they will simply pull out.   I have a feeling, given the furore about fees, that this may not take too long.

We shall see. Then, of course, there will be an entirely different problem to solve – adequate provision for those who seek to qualify. We live in interesting times – but for so long as students are prepared to pay the fees to law schools – be sure, the law schools will charge the fees and continue to raise them.  That, unfortunately, is the law of the market.

Unless.. you do something about it and complain.

I suspect that the Bar Council and BSB will do little in terms of direct action….

But… there again… I would be happy to be proved wrong.

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15th April: News up on Insite Law

Daily legal news up on Insite Law. I am doing a detailed review of recent UK law blog posts later in the day and will be drafting some editorial comment on the news events on the day. The Law reports and news from the profession is unchanged from yesterday.

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