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While I am not that interested in honours and awards, I make an exception for awards by fellow bloggers – because most of the bloggers I know blog for pleasure and not to attract thousands of followers or readers.  They also tend to know what they are talking about when it comes to blogging as opposed to those who do not blog but feel they can tell us how to do it.  Scott Greenfield at Simple Justice had a marvellous example this week  of a law firm offering a course on How to Blog for other law firms.  I won’t spoil the visceral pleasure by revealing more – but it is a very good read:  How to blog, As if they have a clue.

We are all, I hope, delighted when readers visit, particularly those who visit often (even if they don’t participate by commenting) and I am delighted to receive my fourth Oscar (proudly displayed like a skull and crossbones on the side of a submarine above)  from John Bolch over at Family Lore awarded for a post my new Smokedo: Smoke yourself fit with Charon programme.

I can tell you – Smokedo is working for me.  Muscles are developing, the dumbells are doing the business and soon, when the muscles recover, I’ll be able to walk again  like Homo Sapiens rather than an australopithicene.

For readers who wish to Smoke yourself fit – you may care to read  Smokedo (1) The Press Up | Smokedo (2) The Bicep curl and tonight’s illustration shows how to put a bit of strength into your legs.  There will be more.  I do about eight exercises and try to do 500 of each a day – with the exception of press-ups, where I do 1000.  It takes a bit of time, but as I try to smoke 30 a day to maintain my 30aday Dan ranking – it is fairly easy to get through all the repetitions during the course of an 18 hour day. I do not tend to smoke while I sleep – but I am not ruling it out.

Gordon Brown appears to have gone from hero to zero in but a month. The article in  The Independent by Andrew Grice today is fairly savage.  I shall be writing about this and other things in my May Day Postcard from the Bunker over the weekend.

My career as Chief Wine Reviewer for LawandMore (Honoris causa) took off this morning with the arrival of some very fine wines from Germany.  I am not, by choice, a white drinker, but I am sure I shall be able to do my duty.  I have spoken to six PR company executives and have assured them that while I am not a wine expert, I have been guzzling the stuff for thirty years and know whether a wine can do the business or not.  I have also intimated to them that I shall not be talking about the taste of riding saddles, the scent of old cricket bats and linseed oil – but shall be concentrating on the experience.  I have also required them to have a look at my blog BEFORE sending me any wine so they know what they are letting themselves in for.  I am expecting about 40 bottles of wine, some sherry and some rather exotic beverages.

The other pleasure is that Geeklawyer is almost beside himself with envy and was stating on Twitter earlier today  that my ‘contract’ with LawandMore – as ‘exclusive’ wine reviewer – was illegal.  I have told Geeklawyer that all the wine is MINE as I need to conduct in depth research and tasting… but he can have some if he promises to bring a flash attachment for his camera to the next Tweetup.

Now… perhaps a small glass of Schloss Johannisberg Reisling at £19.99 a bottle.  I’d better go carefully otherwise I may find myself listening to German ‘Oompah’ music and standing up and sitting down at bizarre intervals doing toasts and listening to Wagner…. and why not.

I may well bring out a companion volume to Smokedo entitled Drinking yourself into the next Century with Charon… we shall see.

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1st May: News up on Insite Law

News up on Insite Law – also major update to Law reports, Profession, Blogs

Gordon Brown warned over meltdown of trust after expenses U-turn Loyalist Blunkett joins critics of prime minister over ‘self-inflicted wounds’
Guardian: Gordon Brown was warned last night by a loyalist former cabinet minister to fill the void in government policy, avoid self-inflicted wounds and recognise there had been a “catastrophic meltdown of trust” in politics.

Police ‘terror searches’ treble
BBC: Police stopped and searched three times as many people under anti-terrorism powers in 2007/8 compared to the year before, Home Office figures reveal. Some 124,687 stops and searches were conducted in England and Wales under anti-terror laws, but only 73 – 0.058% – ended in arrests for terror offences.

More law news….1st May…

US education provider floats £300m BPP acquisition
Legal Week reports: ” The parent company of top UK law school BPP looks set to be taken over after a US education provider made a preliminary approach for the company worth £303.5m.”

I give a rather sardonic view and plan to write about this in more detail over the next two days….

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