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There is a feasibility study by Inner Temple and Middle Temple ‘to investigate the potential benefits of merging their Libraries and creating a Joint Education and Advocacy Centre.’

The full text of the statement by Vivian Robinson QC, Treasurer of Inner Temple may be viewed here.

To get a rough idea of sentiment from members and others about the plan to merge the libraries I wonder if you would be kind enough to take a bit of time to fill in this Poll.  I ask but one straightforward question.  It does not pretend to be a scientific poll but it will, at least, give an idea of sentiment.  You may of course, comment on the idea in the comments section below and I would be delighted if you would.(Previous comments are available in the comments section to this earlier post)

If you are a fellow blogger may I ask a favour and ask you to put a piece on your blog drawing attention to this poll. If you are a law librarian or academic or student, would you be kind enough to spread the word.

At least, with a poll, we will get some idea of the view of directly and indirectly interested parties.

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Inner Temple has issued a statement this morning.  The text of the statement is below:

Feasibility Study

The Executive Committees of Inner Temple and Middle Temple have agreed to commission a feasibility study to investigate the potential benefits of merging their Libraries and creating a Joint Education and Advocacy Centre. The study will be overseen by a working group chaired jointly by Master Jonathan Hirst for Inner Temple and Master Stanley Burnton, Deputy Treasurer, for Middle Temple.

The results of the study are likely to be available in the late summer and no decisions are anticipated until much later in the year, after full consultation with staff and consideration by the relevant Inn Committees, Bench Table and Parliament.

In particular, no assumption has been made as to which Inn would house the Library and which the Education Centre, should the project proceed.

Vivian Robinson QC


Inevitably, given that the Inn has just announced the existence of the feasibility study – belatedly, given the fact that it was on the Middle Temple Library Facebook site  last week –  there is little information in this official notification.  It is an important decision for both Inn libraries and the members. I wrote about this matter last Tuesday.

I have heard some negative comment from members over the weekend and some intending bar students are considering whether they would be better served joining Gray’s or Lincoln’s as a direct result of the ‘possibility’ that the libraries of Inner and Middle ‘may’ be merged at some future date.

If you are a member, or intending member, you know where to write to: Vivian Robinson QC, Treasurer, Inner Temple. or the Treasurer of Middle Temple Sir George Newman

It may be that University and other libraries and organisations, which have an interest in the maintenance of valuable collections and expertise, wish to express their thoughts.  I would have thought a wide consultation would be of benefit to the Inn Committees, Bench Table and Parliament.

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5th May: News up on Insite Law

Editor pick of the day
5th May 2009

Blawg Review #210

Dan Harris of The China Law Blog hits the spot… he writes…

“I need to change . I can change. I have changed.

So with that in mind, this blawg review repudiates my previous effort. It will be sarcastic , mean-spirited , petty , low-brow (which has always come easily to me). In short, it will be everything bad except snarky , because even the new me hates that word . It will strive to offend , to irritate , and to ridicule . Or as famous lawyer, Jackie Chiles , would say, “outrageous, egregious, preposterous.” Cynicism, not peace, is the goal/theme of this post.”

It is a good Blawg review – subtle and amusing, every bit as promised above.  I even get a mention – Smokedo, it would seem, has crossed The Pond.

Mike SP

Guido Fawkes: You Ask The Questions
Independent: The political blogger answers your questions, such as ‘Do you believe in a right to privacy?’ and ‘How sleazy is the Government?’

Read the latest news, law reports, news from the profession and the blogs – more later in the day…

You really could not make it up…

Chinese ordered to smoke more to boost economy
Telegraph: Local government officials in China have been ordered to smoke nearly a quarter of a million packs of cigarettes in a move to boost the local economy during the global financial crisis. It seems that Smokedo may even be practised in China?

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